605 Collaborates With Conviva to Enrich Cross-screen Measurement​ of Content and Advertising Across Premium Video

605, a global leader in television and cross-platform measurement, analytics and attribution, announced today a data and technology collaboration agreement with Convi​v​a, the leading streaming a​nalytics platform. This collaboration will bring de-duplicated, standardized data to video and advertising industry customers worldwide, enabling full-census measurement of content and advertising across premium video. Standardizing publisher first-party streaming data as the foundation for 605’s cross-platform measurement reporting, at scale, will enable new levels of analysis, accuracy and data actionability to drive meaningful outcomes.

iSpot Inks Agreement with Conviva to Bring Network Streaming Data Into Cross-Screen Program and Ad Measurement Platform

Spot, the real-time TV measurement company, today announced a data and technology collaboration agreement with Conviva, the leading streaming analytics platform. The agreement accelerates the time to market for cross-platform program ratings and will give iSpot the unique ability to deliver a unified ratings product that includes second-by-second, on-screen verification for all programming and advertising across a network footprint in a single platform.

Conviva Launches on Google Cloud Marketplace

Conviva today announced its availability on Google Cloud Marketplace, expanding its partnership with Google Cloud and enabling seamless procurement and consolidated billing through a single channel.

Opinion | What is the state of sports streaming?

The state of streaming is strong when it comes to sports, and changing every day. By keeping an eye on the data, and monitoring new and innovative uses for social media, we can start to understand the future of sports programming in a streaming-dominant world.