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  • Beet Tv

    Conviva Now Analyzing 4 Billion Monthly Global Streams for ESPN, HBO, others

    LAS VEGAS — Conviva, the streaming video analytics firm used by many digital publishers including ESPN and HBO, is analyzing some 4 billion monthly video streams to help publishers manage the delivery of video from the ingestion points to the CDN to the “last mile” connection to the home or mobile device.

  • Multichannel

    March Madness: A Record of 61 Million Streams and Counting

    Picking up an additional 13 million live streams during the second week of the tourney, NCAA March Madness Live has posted a 31% gain over the entire 2013 event.

  • Media Post

    The Myth Of Family Viewing; The Pain Of Ever-Buffering Video

    In the typical way video industry reports just become a blur of often-stunning numbers in this biz, here’s one in Conviva’s new 2014 Viewer Experience Report that caught my attention:

  • Media Post

    Video Quality Troubles Continue, Viewer Tolerance Lessens

    Consumers have high expectations for video quality, and they don’t differentiate or make exceptions for the delivery mechanism, according to a slate of new research. What’s more, viewers are increasingly less tolerant of any video problems they encounter.

  • Atv

    Viewer expectation outpaces QoE efforts

    Video analytics, delivery optimisation and big data processing specialist Conviva has released its 2014 Viewer Experience Report, detailing the state of online video streaming performance across multiple devices. The report is based on global data from…

  • Streaming Media

    Buffering Is on the Decline, Says Conviva Report

    It doesn’t matter how high the video quality is: Viewers don’t have a good streaming experience when the content buffers. Luckily, that frequent irritation is becoming a little less frequent. Conviva, which helps clients avoid streaming disruptions, released its 2014 Viewer Experience Report today, and it shows that buffering is on the wane.

  • NScreenMedia

    Video streaming quality gains negated by decreased tolerance to problems

    In the new Conviva 2014 Experience Report, the company states that “The multiscreen future is now our television present.” However, the report shows we still have a ways to go before online streaming can match the consistency of broadcast television.

  • Multichannel

    Study: 27% Of Online Video Views Experience Buffering

    A new study from online video optimization firm Conviva offered a dose of good and bad news for streaming world – video buffering is on the decline, but consumers are less tolerant of it when it does occur.

  • Iptv News

    Report: Concurrent household streaming up 28%

    Conviva today released its 2014 Viewer Experience Report, detailing the state of online video streaming performance across multiple devices. The report is based on global data from45 billion video streams, seen across more than 1.6 billion individual devices and on more than 400 premium media video players, analysed throughout 2013.

  • Light Reading1

    Multiscreen Viewers Want Better Views

    Although the quality of streaming video may be improving at a modest pace, it’s not improving nearly fast enough for the majority of video viewers.

    In a new study on the state of video streaming released Monday, Conviva Inc. reported that consumers are notably less tolerant of video buffering delays and other playback problems than they were just two years ago.

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