Academic Papers

You can think of Conviva as a streaming TV professor – a teacher of the highest academic rank when it comes to knowing how to deliver the best viewer experience possible. Conviva has written the papers that define the streaming TV industry and has academic intelligence and curiosity at its core. Conviva’s technology is exact, the data is exceptional, and the innovation is proven. Conviva is full of tenured experts with a focus on precision and academic integrity. Understanding how to leverage the internet as a mass-scale video transport medium has positioned Conviva to be the architects of experience.

Big Data and Cloud Computing

Dr. Stoica’s research group at the University of California, Berkeley has done pioneering research on building large-scale, real-time cluster computing frameworks, and on enabling multiple frameworks such as Hadoop and Hypertable, to seamlessly share the same cluster.

A Common Substrate for Cluster Computing

Resilient Distributed Datasets: A Fault-Tolerant Abstraction for In-Memory Cluster Computing

Improving MapReduce Performance in Heterogeneous Environments

Shark: SQL and Rich Analytics at Scale

Scalable Management and Delivery Systems

Dr. Zhang’s End System Multicast (ESM) research group at Carnegie Mellon pioneered the overlay multicast architecture and techniques to support scalable internet video streaming. The award-winning Ph.D. dissertation of Dr. Ion Stoica, co-founder and chief technical officer, pioneered the first scalable architecture to manage quality of service states in a distributed networking environment.

Chord: A Scalable Peer-to-Peer Lookup Protocol for Internet Applications

Stateless Core: A Scalable Approach for Quality of Service in the Internet

Early Experience with an Internet Broadcast System Based on Overlay Multicast

The Impact of DHT Routing Geometry on Resilience and Proximity

Viewer Experience Optimization

Conviva’s award-winning team of engineers and scientists has discovered and validated the need for a preemptive viewer experience optimization tool that quantifies and validates video quality impact on viewer engagement.

Impact of Delivery Ecosystem Variability and Diversity on Internet Video Quality

Service Disciplines for Packet-Switching Integrated-Services Networks

Improving Fairness, Efficiency and Stability in HTTP-Based Adaptive Video Streaming with Festive