Reduce big data costs while optimizing your operational intelligence.

In today’s fast-paced digital environment, the challenges of managing and processing Big Data are significant—often resulting in high operational costs and limited insights. With multiple data sources to integrate and vast volumes of data to analyze, the strain on limited resources across operations, data, and engineering teams is substantial.

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Laser Focus on Experience-Centric Operations

Resolve issues more quickly, with fewer team members, and at lower cost, thanks to a new way of thinking about operations. An equal emphasis on user experience and system performance means that user experience issues are immediately and automatically detected, then diagnosed by correlating with system performance to pinpoint the cause.

As our monitoring system learns how system performance relates to user experience, it can predict experience-impacting issues and classify them as customer impacting or not customer impacting to aid prioritization and investment.

Leverage Time-State Technology

Experience-centric Operations delivers native unification and synchronization of all data sets across systems, allowing customers to connect cause and effect across system performance, user experience, and user engagement in real-time.

With ECO, you can complete census-level stateful analytics across infrastructure, device, and user behavior, over time and at scale, thanks to a new computational model, query language, and unified infrastructure inside our Operational Data Platform.  Detect issues, find their root causes in minutes, and spot opportunities to improve end-to-end operations at a massive scale and with high precision.

Empower Your Team

Reduce the workload and costs associated with your data science and engineering teams. With Conviva’s enhanced query performance and reduced complexity, your teams can focus more on strategic tasks rather than operational challenges.

Turn data challenges into business opportunities.

Transform your operational data management with Conviva and turn data challenges into business opportunities. Our platform is designed to adapt to your specific needs, ensuring you get the most out of your data with minimal investment.

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