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experience issues you’re
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The Overlooked Majority.

You’re missing 80% of issues that affect your users. These aren’t system
outages – they’re Quality of Experience issues.

User experience can be bad despite all backend systems showing green.

A simple UI change can lead to a drop in subscriptions. An app upgrade that invalidates the authentication token can dramatically increase login times. These are not backend issues. Conversely, a server node going down might trigger an alert in the NOC, but the impact on users may be minor.

Conviva helps you detect QoE issues in real-time.

See exactly what’s going wrong, where it’s going wrong (whether it’s in the
app, an issue with third-party providers, or your own backend system), and
where it is –  while your users are still in session.

For every user, consolidate user and system events into a single, seamless session.

Capture events directly from the client device and understand them in the context of
end-to-end user sessions. This gives you a complete picture of user interactions and
system responses, so you can protect the moments that matter for your users.

Create QoE metrics with our intuitive
no-code visual builder.

Tailor metrics, from time intervals to things like success rates, failure rates, or abandonment rates, based on your specific needs and the events you’ve mapped. Whether you’re looking to improve Time to Booking, PDP Dwell Time, or Payment Retry Failure to Success Ratio, get a better understanding of user experiences that impact the conversion and engagement in real-time.

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