Reduce tool sprawl.

Empower your teams with a single platform connecting user engagement,
quality of experience, and system performance for both real-time monitoring
and analytics use cases.

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One platform for all teams.

No more 50 versions of the truth: the same actionable UI and metrics across engineering, product, and tech ops teams. Yes, it can happen.

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Be the first to know and first to know why. Get instant clarity on critical metrics that connect directly to business outcomes. Facilitate real-time, informed decisions across various teams, focusing on enhancing user experience as a pivotal aspect of business success. Enjoy significant cost savings by consolidating disparate tools into one efficient platform.

Engineering & Product

Build metrics representing quality of experience in minutes. Continuously improve QoE across the app. Easily prioritize the improvements that will bring the highest benefit to the most number of users. Easily know if an issue is caused by system performance or by a UX change in the app.

Data Teams

Transform your data handling with our state-of-the-art analytics capability. Create and analyze stateful metrics from any event stream quickly and cost-effectively, outperforming traditional methods like Flink+Clickhouse. For those with existing big data platforms, enhance efficiency with Conviva’s time-state processor and tap into our Data Feeds for clean, sessionized data that’s ready to use.

Operations, TechOps, DevOps, SRE, & NOC

Real-Time anomaly detection and automatic diagnostics helps teams identify what user experience is impacted, where it is impacted (device, app version, etc.), how many people are impacted, and easily understand the APIs causing the impact and respective trace IDs. Stay ahead with our unified monitoring and analytics, designed to keep your service running smoothly around the clock.

Customer Care

Provide unparalleled customer support by seeing each user’s experience individually. As questions come in, address their concerns in real-time, elevating your service quality and customer satisfaction or reach out proactively to communicate issues to customers before the first complaint.

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