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Experience Metrics

Experience metrics are quantitative measures that assess user interactions, providing valuable insights to optimize the overall user experience.

Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR)

MTTR, or Mean Time to Resolution, measures the time it takes to resolve an issue, serving as a key metric in evaluating operational efficiency.

Decoding User Behavior: Innovative Use of AI in Operational Data Analysis

The key to delivering optimal experiences to every user is to comprehensively measure and react to changes in their Quality of Experience in real-time. But, that can mean scanning millions of unique user data points to identify anomalies, detect patterns, and address the root causes of issues. It's becoming more difficult for operations teams to keep up with the speed and scale of user data they need to analyze. That’s where AI comes in.

Eliminating the Set-Top Box Blind Spot eBook

Conviva solves these challenges through an Experience-Centric approach to Observability, revolutionizing QoE for IP-enabled STBs. Download our eBook to learn more, or speak with an expert today.

Driving Success With A Focus On Quality Of Experience

Businesses spend significant time and financial resources ensuring their backend systems don’t unexpectedly go down, preventing hundreds, thousands or even millions of users from accessing their service. Focusing on preventing outages isn’t a bad investment per se, as the backlash from subscribers during an outage can damage a business’s reputation and negatively impact its bottom line. However, brands often focus more on backend systems than preventing poor user experiences. This focus needs reversing.

Platform Engineering and GenAI: ‘Get Your House in Order’

User experience is increasingly magnified as we leverage digital platforms for everything. In an unfortunate twist, it's the user experience that too many digital businesses neglect while trying to stand out in today's hyper-competitive landscape.