Conviva’s Video
AI Platform

A new and unique measurement and analytics architecture for the next generation of TV

When the internet was built, video was not part of the equation. In order for the internet to support broadcast-like TV delivery on a mass scale, it's key to bridge the gap between viewing expectation and viewing realization. Measuring video quality where it happens in the player, with the consumer where it matters is the first step. While the physical internet is limited, it can be virtually controlled in the moment by utilizing the right combination of data and intelligence.

At Conviva, we are constantly watching the video playing experience, and constantly diligent in the moment, and every moment. This diligence results in the reduction of the time to resolution and consequent impact of any issues as soon as, or even before, they are visible to a consumer viewing either live or on-demand video. Conviva’s ecosystem analytics grant this visibility to all parties involved in the video delivery process, removing the burden from the video publisher and sharing the responsibility of providing the best quality of experience possible for the consumer.

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This ever-changing experience data is used to retrofit the internet. Enabling the appropriate turning of software knobs to control the internet virtually, has ultimately resulted in improved quality of experience (QoE). We do this every moment of every day across the globe to adapt the physical, static internet to the dynamic, ever-changing needs of high-quality, TV viewing at global scale. Today each consumer essentially has their own TV channel, and consumer expectations are moving faster than the physical internet can satisfy.

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The experience data collected is correlated with the viewing time on Conviva’s Video AI Platform so that consumer engagement can be maximized. We make engagement a data-driven outcome based on these actionable QoE analytics in the player. Conviva uses data and intelligence to bridge the gap between internet video limitations and consumer viewing expectations — making the physically impossible, virtually possible.


Founded in 2006 by Dr. Hui Zhang and Dr. Ion Stoica, Conviva has assembled a world-class team with a unique mix of capabilities led by seasoned experts who are passionate about changing the business of internet TV delivery.

  • Bill Demas Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr. Hui Zhang Co-Founder and Chief Scientist
  • Dr. Ion Stoica Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
  • Aditya Ganjam Chief Product Officer
  • Scott Gibson Chief Financial Officer
  • Brad Kancigor General Counsel
  • Samir Mehta Chief Operating Officer
  • Lan Nguyen VP, HR & Workplace
  • John Zelenka SVP, Global Sales
  • Keith Zubchevich Chief Strategy Officer
Bill Demas

Bill Demas

Chief Executive Officer

Bill joined Conviva as Chief Executive Officer in 2018 with a demonstrated track record for building high-performance teams and successfully launching disruptive technologies. Prior to Conviva, he was CEO at Shopkick. Previous to Shopkick, Bill served as CEO at Turn, building the only global, natively integrated real-time digital advertising hub for audience planning, media execution and real-time analytics. Under his leadership Turn increased its net revenue forty-fold during his six year tenure. Before Turn, Bill served in executive roles at Yahoo!, Overture and Microsoft.

Bill is a mentor, angel investor and advisor for multiple technology companies. He has been recognized by Goldman Sachs as one of the 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs (2014) and by Ernst & Young as an Entrepreneur of the Year finalist (2012 and 2013). He holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and degrees in computer science and organizational behavior & management from Brown University. He is a proud dad of two boys, an aspiring tennis player, and a long-suffering KC Chiefs fan.

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Hui Zhang
  • Dr. Ion Stoica
  • Bill Demas
  • Peter Sonsini
  • Ashu Garg
  • Dr. Carl Ledbetter
  • Dave Habiger