Boost Developer Efficiency Across Your App Lifecycle

In the dynamic world of software development, boosting developer efficiency is key to speeding up release cycles and enhancing the quality of your applications.

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Bring User QoE into CI/CD Processes

Integrate user QoE metrics right into your continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) workflows. This helps catch user-impacting issues much earlier in the development process, preventing them from making it to production. Early detection not only speeds up release timelines but also reduces the negative impact on users and cuts down on the time our developers spend fixing issues after release. This proactive approach ensures smoother, more reliable releases and ultimately, happier users and developers.

Link User Experience Directly to Software Releases

Improve developer efficiency by linking QoE issues with specific software releases across the stack. Give your developers the ability to quickly identify the release causing a problem and how it’s impacting user experience, significantly accelerating QA processes.

Automated Root-Cause Analysis

Get rich root cause analysis across any combination of dimensions you want. Let AI take the lead, pinpointing the underlying causes of issues automatically.

Quickly Diagnose Crashes and Errors

Get advanced capability that offers real-time contextual insights into crashes and errors, minimize downtime, and enhance the stability of your apps to minimize diagnostic time and accelerate issue resolution.

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