Insights Overview

Conviva Insights

Conviva Insights aggregates and reports quality metrics that give you a comprehensive view into your online video business. This in-depth perspective enables you to make critical decisions to ensure the best viewing experience for each and every one of your viewers. These important metrics also provide you with unique visibility into your audience, delivering statistics about viewership, and counting and reporting on every single viewer, not just averages.


All of this is done in real time and for an increasing number of devices, ensuring that you stay up-to-date with the fragmented landscape of platforms and players that video content publishers face every day.

Quality metrics let you see, in real time or over time, how your content is performing. Through key quality of experience (QoE) analytics, you know what percentage of the requests for content succeed and why some fail. At a glance you can see if your content stops or stutters and how this impacts viewer engagement.

Robust audience-focused metrics give you the most in-depth look into every viewer watching your content, in both real time and from a big-picture, historical perspective. Only with Insights do you have access to the most granular detail, including who is watching, where, on what device, with which ISP, and more.

Optional Modules

To augment the value of Conviva Insights, Conviva provides several add-on modules you can use to enhance the analytic capabilities of the core Insights product.

These modules provide more detailed information about the experience and viewing patterns of individual viewers, about your most popular content, and about your live events. Each of these modules can be purchased separately and seamlessly integrated to extend the capabilities of Conviva Insights for specific applications.

Viewer Module

This module allows you to access key details and metrics for an individual viewer.

Top Rising Content Module

This module helps you identify content that is going viral, so you never waste the opportunity to monetize it.

Live Event Module

This module provides detailed reports for your live events that include key event-specific audience and quality metric data.