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The First Customer-Centric Operational Monitoring & Analytics Solution

Conviva converts experience, performance, and engagement into real-time operational metrics. With natively connected data, you can do deep root-cause analysis and proactively resolve issues that impact user experience as they are happening.

With Conviva, we can deliver our KPIs because everything is set up out of the box, from customer experience metrics to the ability to instantly correlate unexpected changes in engagement to performance issues on the backend. Not only was the SDK easy to integrate, but we have also been able to consolidate our technology spend by deploying Conviva for multiple use cases, including application analytics and video delivery.
Conviva lets us know exactly what our customers are experiencing and that is a game changer.


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CONVIVA full Experience

Monitor critical flows and get real-time insight for immediate issue resolution.

Conviva is your platform for delivering a better user experience, resolving issues faster, and reducing overall costs by eliminating unnecessary data and processing.

Solution Benefits

Move beyond crash reporting.

Get ahead of app performance issues before users complain, or worse, abandon, so you can safeguard engagement and retention with high uptime, reliability & security.

Automate critical operations decisions.

Align your team around the metrics that matter and save thousands of man hours thanks to automated prioritization of resources between new features and bug fixes.

Resolve issues faster.

Diagnose in-app issues with immediate root-cause insight, along with performance analysis over time.

Receive key alerts in
real time.

Get immediate visibility on revenue-impacting issues across all your users, systems, and end-points, for faster resolution and validation.

Increase user engagement.

Optimize in-app experiences and increase content consumption based on users’ preferences.

I kick off my mornings by delving into the Conviva Pulse dashboard. As a delivery manager, it’s imperative for me to stay updated on the performance of all my applications over the past 24 hours. Conviva stands out as the go-to tool, providing comprehensive insights into app performance. This valuable resource allows me to stay proactive and take immediate action if there are any signs of deteriorating user experiences.

- Shadab Ahmer, Delivery Manager, Orbit Showtime Network


World-class user experience, guaranteed.

Make quick decisions, optimize processes, and enhance user experiences in real time.

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Universal Data Ingestion

Get real-time and comprehensive ingestion without data sampling from multiple sources via an extremely lightweight SDK.

Advanced Event Contextualization

Convert raw events into useful contextual sessions for analysis such as “successful purchase” or “searched for content.”

Custom Metric Builder

Easily create metrics important for your company, such as the time it takes users to subscribe, the number of users able to log in successfully, and more.

Real-time Actionable Insights

Quickly analyze and drill down with an interactive UI to act on issues that negatively impact metrics, with full context for root cause analysis.

AI Alerts

AI-driven alerts surface anomalous events and point out issues you may not even know you should be looking for.

API Integrations and Data Feeds

Share and exchange data with any system, anytime, through robust APIs and daily or hourly data feeds.

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