Conviva Ad Insights

Optimize Viewer Engagement With Ads

Ad Insights provides a real-time view into video delivery and correlates the engagement of both content and advertising, enabling you to optimize your ad strategy. This results in longer viewing experiences and higher advertising revenues.



Optimize your ad strategy

An integrated content and ad solution, Ad Insights enables you to optimize your ad strategy and A-B test ad placement, frequency and duration to balance the need to maximize advertising revenues with the the impact on viewer engagement.

Harness the power of your video and advertising content with Conviva Ad Insights.

Insights into the ad experience

Conviva Ad Insights enables companies to maximize revenues and user experiences through the real-time correlation of advertising and viewer engagement.

Correlating ad placement, duration, and frequency to video engagement enables publishers and distributors to provide the optimal viewer experience, while reducing ad fatigue and viewer churn.

Mitigate issues in real time

Conviva Ad Insights can mitigate the detrimental effects of the 10-20% of all ad requests which experience delivery issues such as ad breakage.

Monitor your ad business in real-time and be alerted of major outages caused by ad delivery failures to maximize your yield.