5 Mistakes in Streaming Video Analytics, and How to Avoid Them

The year has barely started, yet plans for profitable growth are already being called into question.  

  • Do we know where all the cracks are that could leave revenue on the table… and we have we sealed them? 
  • Is everything possible being done to maximize operational efficiency?  
  • Can we see and react to issues that impact viewers in time to prevent subscriber loss  

For streaming publishers theres little margin of error. That’s why it’s never been more vital to understand the nuances of viewer experience and measure the return on your content investments.  

Watch our on-demand webinar where we discuss the five pivotal mistakes that can squeeze publisher profitability—and how to avoid them. 

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Learn how your industry peers are tackling operational inefficiencies and rethinking analytics strategies as Will shares lessons learned from Conviva’s work with the premiere streaming companies in the world.


 Examples of common missteps we cover include:

Oversimplifying Your Multi-CDN Strategy 

Most publishers are adopting a multi-CDN strategy to prevent a single point of failure, but faulty execution can doom this approach. Simply increasing network capacity to support the growing scale of streaming is a crude and expensive way to solve the problem. Monitoring real-time performance and intelligently managing distribution of traffic over existing networks is far more efficient, but CDNs don’t typically provide the capabilities and insights necessary. Learn how to overcome this barrier and future-proof your multi-CDN strategy.  

Underestimating the Complexity of 4K Migration  

Although publishers know that viewers expect 4K as a minimum standard for picture quality, not all of them have fully migrated their operations to support 4K. The complexity of this undertaking may be the key reason why, with publishers realizing they need to make key decisions along the way, like which video and audio encoding standards to adopt. Tune in for Will’s pro tips on some of the steps you can take to avoid additional problems down the road, like verifying the 4K performance claims made by device manufacturers and confirming the fine print in content licenses. 

Overdependence on the Data Warehouse

Data warehouses are built to store and process data accumulated from a wide range of sources. No wonder OTT providers push their raw streaming data into them. But relying on them too much can be inefficient and extremely costly. For example, consider the time and expense it takes to clean and de-dupe the same data every time its queried. Another shortcoming is that traditional analytics models associated with data warehouses were never designed to account for the ever-changing state of streaming data, or to put that measurement in context. This makes it actionable insights exponentially harder to identify. Hear more about how top streaming CTOs are rethinking their overdependence on data warehouses.   

Meet your expert speaker 

Will Penson joined Conviva in 2012 and currently serves as General Manager of Video, focused on product strategy. Will’s media industry expertise, coupled with deep technical chops have made him a trusted partner to some of the premiere publishers in the world like Disney, DAZN, Liberty Global, Sky, Sling and Zee. During his long tenure with Conviva, Will has spent his time not only collaborating with customers, but building the internal pre-sales and customer success teams to support them. Prior to Conviva, Will held sales, pre-sales, technical account management and product management positions at video systems integrator, KIT digital (now Piksel) and online video platform, Kyte. He earned a Master of Engineering degree in mechanical engineering with business management from Kings College London.