Inside the Tech Powering Your Streaming Obsession

Tune in to Conviva’s President and CEO, Keith Zubchevich, as he sits down with Alex Kantrowitz of Big Technology to discuss the complexity of delivering high-quality digital experiences to millions of users around the globe. With streaming-only events like Peacock’s exclusive NFL wildcard games, it’s clearer than ever that streaming is here to stay. Conviva has spent the last 16 years enabling the world’s largest streamers, like Peacock, to measure, monitor, and optimize their digital experiences in real-time, supporting high-stakes events like the Peacock exclusive games.

However, the growing popularity of digital-first experiences brings increased complexity in delivering those experiences across a diverse ecosystem of users. Keith highlights that there are 222 trillion combinations of issues that could impact a user. From device types and internet connection to app versions and backend servers, any one user has a completely unique set of factors affecting their Quality of Experience (QoE). Despite this complexity, users will not settle for a less-than-perfect digital experience. Therefore, the pressure is on publishers to deliver high-quality experiences and react in real-time if any subset of users experiences an issue.

The scale of data needed to execute real-time QoE optimization continues to grow. Conviva collects 4 trillion census-level user engagement and system performance events every day to enable actionable insights into users’ experiences. Keith highlights AI’s role in surfacing and alerting on subsets of experience issues that could easily go undetected by an individual monitoring millions of sessions in real-time. He emphasizes not just the role of AI but explainable AI that provides clear reasoning for why an alert was triggered, avoiding some of the black box processing and hallucinations that can occur with traditional AI.

Regarding how Conviva’s technology and the role of Quality of Experience will impact every digital-first company of the future, Keith had a clear message: “The winners in the new world will be the ones that are acutely attuned to exactly what their users are experiencing and are reacting, responding, and servicing them in real-time. Speed is an economic differentiator in the future for any digital business.”