Why Your Streamer’s Marketing Team Needs a Continuous Measurement Analytics Solution 

There is little doubt that we are living in the streaming age. As every major media company has introduced a streaming service to its customers, they’ve likely encountered costs and challenges that are unique to the technology. However, unless your solutions are designed for streaming, you’re unlikely to solve these challenges with the speed and agility that your audiences demand. 

Still, we can’t assume that any analytics solution will do. Many solutions require an expert to setup and manage them, and even when they’re up and running, they don’t automatically have the data that matters when it comes to video streaming. The truth is, you can’t solve modern-day challenges with old-school solutions. 

Don’t fret. Your team can easily find the streaming-first solutions it needs by utilizing a Continuous Measurement Analytics Platform (CMAP). With this unique, streaming-first solution from Conviva, your team will be able to: 

  • Speed up time to insight and action 
  • Reduce marketing waste by understanding actual viewer behavior
  • Reduce reliance on technical teams to get the data you need
  • Coordinate decisions across your company

Let’s explore how Conviva’s CMAP solution can help your marketing team in each of these areas. 


Quick Time to Insight 

Device level consumption. Completion rates. Peak concurrent plays. None of these metrics are easily accessible if your solutions are not built specifically for streaming. That means your company must waste time and resources custom-building them. Conviva’s out of the box dashboards don’t require a full-time analyst to create dashboards or reports.  

With our standardized integrations and user-friendly UI, you won’t need to rely on your organization’s experts to prepare and translate the data, reducing time and effort for all team members. What’s more, your team will have more flexibility with their data since it is so easy to understand and access. This unlocks the ability for marketing teams to take action quickly on what is or isn’t working. Customers often remark on the ease of getting granular, device level insights and creating detailed segmentation. Unlocking these capabilities for all your teams makes our data infinitely more valuable. 

Bottom line: Our platform puts quick, accurate, and useable data at your whole organization’s fingertips. 


Reduce Marketing Waste by Understanding Actual Viewer Behavior 

Once you have an analytics tool set up, you can start targeting audiences with greater accuracy. With the insights from a CMAP tool, your team can start asking granular questions, such as: 

  • Which ads are driving viewers to my platform? 
  • What content do viewers who stick around the longest watch? 
  • What content is most likely to draw new subscribers? 

Thanks to continuous measurement, your team can get to the bottom of these fine-point questions. Continuous measurement shows you everything a viewer watches, and what their journey looks like from beginning to end. Additionally, this data can help you group audiences based on content affinities, leading to even more accurate and actionable insights. 

Best of all, the tools in our CMAP include advanced segmentation, which makes it easy to identify the right message for the right audience, as well as standardized data, which makes activation a breeze. Not only will your team increase its efficiency, but you’ll be able to measure it! With true insight into viewership patterns, your team can strategically grow its platform while strengthening viewer engagement, ultimately saving your team money, time, and effort.  

Bottom line: An efficient and user-friendly CMAP can increase ROI on Marketing Spend 


Reduce Reliance on Technical Teams to Get the Data You Need 

Many analytics solutions are built to be flexible but at what cost? Many achieve this with a heavy need for technical development resources to maintain the solution.  That’s why our centralized, Server-Side CMAP architecture is designed to reduce reliance on developers to make updates to clients or multiple server-side data pipelines. No need for continued engineering development or resources. With our ready-to-use solution, your team can be up and running from the start, reducing your reliance on technical resources. Our tools give your marketing team reliable and sustainable data solutions that don’t require slow and costly technical updates every time the ecosystem or your reporting requirements change. 

Bottom line: Get the metadata and metrics that matter for video streaming marketing, right out of the box. 


Coordinate Decision-Making Across Your Company 

Your streaming business has multiple teams across different functions, brands, platforms, territories and more doing groundbreaking work, but they may be operating in silos with different sets of data. That slows down or even blocks operations across the company, as if each department is speaking its own language. 

A robust and standardized set of streaming data can enable cohesive decision-making across all teams. With just a single SDK, you can get a unified pipeline of data that feeds insights to every team, from product, to customer support, to marketing, advertising, BI/Analytics, and operations. Now, instead of working like separate entities, each team is tuned-in to the other.  For instance, your marketing team can work with the programming team to promote content that you know drives traffic to the platform. Meanwhile, marketing can collaborate with product to optimize the platform based on user experience. 

Bottom line: Make high-fidelity decisions across teams, backed by the same data 


Conviva Puts Streaming First 

If you want your streaming business to thrive, you need streaming-first solutions, and Conviva has you covered on all ends. Our Continuous Measurement Analytics Platform allows your entire organization to unite around standardized, census-level, real-time data, ensuring quality viewer experience, comprehensive audience measurement and sustainable growth for your video platform. CMAP will help your team save time and effort as you collect and activate data, leading to a more efficient operation, and ultimately a more-perfect streaming experience. 


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