Ready to Make Your Streaming Ad Data Work for You?

Our customers are the biggest streamers around the globe. Through their powerful content portfolios, from Andor to World Cup 2022, they reach huge audiences and they want to help their advertisers maximize their return on investment across their portfolios. This can be complex but publishers want to use their own data — and not solely rely on third-party data — in a unified way to demonstrate the value to advertising partners while also maximizing their revenue. 

The latest release of Viewer Insights lets you analyze your first-party, deterministic data to accurately measure content and advertising reach and engagement across households, subscribers, devices and more. Ad Dimension Filters now allow you to visualize key data points on how ads delivered against audiences, so you can communicate campaign performance and demonstrate ROI to your advertisers.  

Plus, integration with data from ad serving systems means your ad team can optimize overall ad performance and create efficiencies in ad reporting and campaign optimization. Filter down on very granular details of every campaign, including pre- and post- rolls to easily highlight the most successful campaigns for each advertiser. Show them how their campaigns were delivered across all your properties, including device, platform, content and engagement details.  

We’ve also released a new capability for Ad Dimensions and Metrics in Segment Builder so you can optimize your advertising packages and campaigns and segment audiences by ad engagement data across content. Test, learn and optimize how factors like frequency, ad load or new ad types impact your overall audience engagement. Optimize your ad packages by understanding your reach accurately across every element of both content and ads but also across subscribers, households, devices, and profiles. 

We know how crucial effective and highly targeted ad campaigns are for you and your advertisers. Conviva continues to enhance your ability to unify streaming data and get a true read on your direct and programmatic ad performance to ensure strong ROI on every ad, for every ad partner.