ServiceNow and Conviva Team up to Take on Streaming Experience and Customer Care Challenges

Conviva and ServiceNow

Providing an exceptional streaming experience is a not only good business, but it’s also now expected by consumers. Let a customer down and it will be very hard to win them over againAnd as streaming providers adapt to the increased demand for content, providing a first-rate customer and streaming experience has become an important competitive advantage.  

Customer service management tools and IT service management are two important aspects used to improve the quality of stream and the care given to customers if a stream isn’t perfect. Today, IT professionals who monitor streams and customer care agents that handle customer issues have very little insight into how a stream performs on a per-customer level, hampering their ability to provide insight-driven customer care, troubleshoot, account-level and subscription support, and more. But we’re here to help improve your customer experience as well as accelerate time to value, service high-value use cases in a variety of ways, and reduce customer churn. 

Customer Service Management  

Through Conviva’s strategic partnerships, agents using ServiceNow can now immediately see which service issues impact the viewer and provide actionable service recommendations based on this data. The result is an improved customer experience while reducing average call times and churn. It’s a win-win for streaming providers and their customers. 

Companies will be able to provide a more personalized and informed customer care experience that not only delivers on the specific needs of OTT streaming providers and publishers, but also an improved customer experience for streaming viewers. 

Delivering Conviva’s streaming insights directly into the hands of customer care agents using the ServiceNow platform enables agents to easily understand each viewers’ stream performance to quickly answer questions such as:   

  • Where is the customer located and are their issues localized or the result of a larger regional network issue?  
  • Which ISP is the customer using and are they the cause of the problem?   
  • What devices and operating systems are viewers consuming content on?  
  • Is the customer having internet service problems?  
  • What errors occurred during a streaming session?   
  • What was the quality of experience for each piece of content?  

 The new integration also offers numerous proactive benefits, including the ability to identify which customers may have had a poor streaming experience so OTT streaming providers and publishers can target those customers for proactive nurture campaigns, offer them self-help resolutions, and ultimately deflect future support calls. If necessary, agents can also process chargebacks with trust that what the customer said happened actually happened. 

IT Service Management  

Beyond customer care, Conviva’s integration with ServiceNow extends to their IT Service Monitoring solution, allowing joint OTT customers to automate ticket generation and identify and diagnose incidents across the entire video delivery supply chain. Adding this additional layer of automation to root cause analysis delivers improved productivity, reduced operating expenses, and faster mean time to repair. 

Conviva maintains the most accurate insights into our client’s stream performance and as such, the ability to connect our stream data with ServiceNow’s ITSM solution for ticketing and alerting delivers a solution to automatically identify incidents across the entire video delivery supply chain. 

The ServiceNow integration and partnership is just one example of how Conviva addresses customer care and streaming challenges to help you attract new viewers and reduce churn.