Case Study: Chingari Sparks Digital Transformation with Conviva

Chingari unlocked the vast breadth and depth of the Conviva measurement analytics pipeline to revolutionize their streaming business across the entire enterprise. Continuous measurement analytics fueled continuous optimization in a virtuous cycle of growth.
Graphic of Conviva's Case Study with Chingari Sparks

Chingari comes from the Hindi word for “spark,” and the user-generated content (UGC) giant has indeed caught ablaze across India. It garnered over 80 million downloads to date and stakes its claim as the TikTok of India. If TikTok came with its own currency…

Because Chingari upended India’s social media economy by sharing 30% of the revenue with the creators in 2020. And Chingari trailblazed the space again by minting the GARI crypto-coin for video creators and digital artists to monetize their production and sharing of content.


Chingari needed to ensure the platform’s viewer experience could scale with the network’s exponential growth. Chingari teamed up with Conviva, the most trusted name in streaming and social measurement, to kindle the fire.

“We knew only Conviva could help us keep up with our exploding network and ensure we continue to deliver the most engaging community for our users and creators alike.”

— Tariq Wali, Chingari CTO


The Power of the Platform

The Chingari team was braced for lengthy implementation times from past analytics vendors. They were immediately impressed by the speed and ease of Conviva. The team hit the ground running with the powerful integration in place in just 10 days.

“The Conviva support team is extremely helpful, and we had a truly robust integration up and running in record time.”

— Tariq Wali, Chingari CTO

Yet what the team marveled at even more than the speed was the sturdiness of the integration. Chingari’s entire streaming universe—quality of experience (QoE), content, advertising, and social—was all now measured and optimized from one Conviva sensor.

Chingari unlocked the vast breadth and depth of the Conviva measurement analytics pipeline to revolutionize their streaming business across the entire enterprise. Continuous measurement analytics fuel continuous optimization in a virtuous cycle of growth.

    • Tech and product build more engagement by delighting viewers with video experiences even better than on linear TV.
    • Marketing boosts the audiences with the right mix of content, social media, and ads.
    • And research and support activate users and creators, generating more revenue for Chingari to reinvest into the thriving community.

“We trust Conviva for their obsession with the most cutting-edge tech, world-class support team, global footprint, of course, but it’s their trusted, real-time continuous measurement that puts them over the top.”

— Tariq Wali, Chingari CTO

The Secret Sauce? Hint: It’s Continuous

The reason? Real-time isn’t real-life.

Other analytics businesses measure events like plays, seeks, and stops in near-real time. But these are mere snapshot metrics that wouldn’t tell Chingari the full picture of what it is like for their many millions of members. Chingari needed to go deeper to truly understand their users’ and creators’ experience. Chingari needed to measure continuously.

Continuous real-time measurement fills in all those gaps between starts and seeks and stops, by understanding everything that happens, preceding, during, and after each event. So Chingari can intuitively grasp the true experience for their users and creators in real-time.

For while real-time lets you find what you’re looking for, continuous measurement lets you find what you aren’t. Only with continuous monitoring can you comprehensively see enough information to accurately derive each viewers’ experience.


Armed with this trusted and complete view of their members’ experience, Chingari is rewarding their entire community. Users gain even more personalized content thanks to Chingari’s deeper understanding of their wants and needs. Creators share content even more seamlessly as the Design team receives constant real-time feedback in how to refine workflows.

“Conviva has enabled Chingari to do a more granular analysis of user experience on a session level which isn’t provided by any other solution. Conviva team has been super helpful in deploying the solution end to end and also educate the team to improve adoption.”

— Rachit Nanda, Chingari Senior Product Manager

“We now hear are users and creators even better than before, and we are proud to build an even more vibrant community with Conviva as our trusted partner-continuously.”

— Tariq Wali, Chingari CTO

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