Unlock 4X ROI in Sports Streaming with Conviva’s Metrics and Integrations

Discover how an international sports-streaming organization transformed its business with Conviva’s powerful analytics.

What happens when a company must serve over 200 countries and 100 million end-user devices, totaling nearly 1 billion viewer hours? This is no small feat. This was the precise challenge a live-sports and on-demand publisher faced when it approached Conviva.

The organization grappled with increased competition in a saturated market and relied on outdated analytics technologies, unable to function at their current scale. It sought a way to enhance services and boost revenue efficiently.

Conviva offered the solution they needed, guiding the company from a fragmented approach to a census-based, comprehensive analytics framework. This change saved over $15 million and generated a 4.65x ROI on Conviva services.

Outcome Highlights

Dramatically Cutting Costs and Streamlining Operations

The publisher faced several obstacles in controlling costs. The primary issue was the inefficient routing processes of their Content Delivery Network (CDN). Like many global video-streaming enterprises, the organization struggled with the configuration and daily operation of its multi-CDN strategy. The underlying issue was a lack of comprehensive, real-time insight into every user session. They lacked the tools to link Quality of Experience (QoE) with CDN performance — and that wasn’t the only problem. The streaming provider also grappled with high data storage and processing expenses.

However, by adopting Conviva’s data platform, they managed to cut their total cost of ownership by $15.4 million.

Let’s unpack this saving. First, the teams gained real-time insights, which helped reduce CDN bandwidth costs. In particular, the organization managed to slash CDN expenditure by a massive $8.9 million. Furthermore, the publisher saved $4.8 million on data processing services and functions provided by AWS and Snowflake. Conviva’s contributions significantly reduced the cost of ownership for this publisher’s streaming operations. The advantages didn’t stop at cost savings. Call center agents used a 2-click root-cause analysis method, leading to shorter call times and over $1 million in customer care savings. Additional benefits included enabling call center agents to conduct a 2-click root-cause analysis, resulting in shorter call times. This resulted in $1-million-plus in customer care savings.

Lastly, Conviva played an important role in unifying the global enterprise. The organization’s leadership harnessed the power of the Conviva API to streamline different initiatives. This approach facilitated the creation of a set of standardized and benchmarked KPIs. These KPIs were used to quantify progress at a strategic level, which in turn, supported and advanced the overall vision of the organization.

Boosting Ad Revenue with Conviva’s Comprehensive Analytics

Today’s increasingly competitive streaming market demands more than cost reduction. Conviva’s analytics helped the broadcaster strategically monetize on-demand inventory, increasing ad revenue by nearly $1 million.

This publisher needed to balance QoE with ad saturation efficiently to realize this $1 million increase in revenue. There were two main ways that Conviva’s comprehensive, stateful streaming analytics model helped accomplish this.

First, Conviva gives an end-to-end view of the viewer experience, including integrated ad performance analytics, setting it apart from other analytics solutions.

This approach allowed the customer to minimize exit before video starts caused by failed pre-roll ads, prevent low-resolution ads, reduce buffering events, and more. As a result, the publisher improved QoE and maintained inventory while serving more ads.

Second, the publisher leveraged Conviva’s advanced, stateful metric narrative of the viewer experience to guide ad placement. Instead of building a new analytics process, it simply applied the purpose-built Paused Ads metric, a multi-factor analysis that isolates the pause events that provide the greatest opportunity for incremental ads.

Efficiently reaching these goals was impossible before Conviva. The publisher was over-spending on data processing and triage, which hindered their progress and competitiveness as they focused on maintaining the status quo.

Conviva offered a solution that enabled the customer to analyze every viewer session, device, stream, and ad in a timely and efficient manner. The result? A powerful strategy for sports streaming success. Conviva’s cutting-edge analytics and solutions equip businesses to navigate the challenging sports streaming landscape, achieving exceptional results in cost-efficiency, viewer experience, and revenue generation.