What Is Video Start Failure (VSF)?

Video Start Failures (VSF) represent a critical metric in the evaluation of app and video streaming service performance, pinpointing instances where your users encounter difficulties initiating a video to play. This metric is instrumental in identifying potential issues within the streaming infrastructure that can adversely affect the user experience. Video start failures can arise from various factors, such as network issues, server problems, or content delivery network challenges. Sometimes, a video start failure can be the result of deliberate business logic, such as when your user at a geo-blocked address tries to stream a video.

VSF can be caused by a technical error, but is not always a quality issue, which is why context is crucial. Without any context, your engineers may chase down start failures that are not actually errors. Properly monitoring and analyzing VSF give app and video streaming service providers valuable insights into the root causes of video start initiation failures, enabling them to swiftly address and rectify issues. By minimizing video start failures, digital platforms can enhance user satisfaction, reduce abandonment rates, and optimize the overall streaming performance.