Identifying Broken Assets


Preserve $2M in at-risk ad revenue

A global streaming leader was alerted to an issue with broken assets from one of their latest releases just a few hours into a holiday weekend. In Auto Insights, the Broken Assets section quickly surfaced those specific episodes experiencing a sudden increase in VSF. The publisher reprocessed all assets, and the issue was resolved before heading into the weekend. If the issue had gone undetected over those few days, nearly $2M in ad revenue would have been lost.

Business Problem

Streaming teams are encoding, refreshing, and uploading a steady stream of new assets into their platform every day. With so much new content coming in, it can be easy to miss an issue causing an asset to break and become unwatchable. But these broken assets can have a massive impact on viewer experience, frustrating viewers, forcing them to quit the platform, and potentially churn. Teams need a scalable, AI-powered solution to help them identify a single broken asset in their library of tens of thousands of assets.

Conviva’s Solution

Conviva’s Automatic Insights instantly surfaces issues with broken assets, detecting granular increases in metrics like EBVS (Exits Before Video Starts), Video Start Failures, and exceptionally high Rebuffering. Teams receive timely alerts as these broken assets surface so they can drill deeper to diagnose and resolve those issues before a signficant subset of viewers are impacted.

For 15 years, Conviva has supported nearly
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