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With subscriber retention and millions of dollars on the line, you need to understand and act on the complex, real-world experiences your customers are having, as they’re having them – across every second, device, and viewer.

Like you, we operate in real-time at big data scale. We do streaming analytics differently, reinventing the paradigm to deliver unprecedented dimensions in measurement, intelligence, and actionability.

Now’s your chance to get to know Time-State Analytics, the advanced analytical model that the world’s largest streaming publishers are using to answer questions they didn’t know to ask, close critical data and insight gaps, and overcome the limitations of shallow data sets and query-based architectures.

Our streaming analytics technology is built for data that’s always in motion and demands context. That’s been the secret to the success for our global customers. Real-time, actionable data has helped them increase viewer engagement, ad and subscriber revenue, lower support costs, and more.

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