New Independent Study Finds Streaming Media Companies Net Over $1M In Productivity Gains Using Conviva

Conviva, the leader in global streaming media intelligence, today released the results of a new commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Conviva, evaluating the financial impact of Conviva’s analytics software on streaming media companies. According to the study, in using Conviva, an organization can experience “benefits of nearly $3.6M over three years versus costs of approximately $817K adding up to a net present value of more than $2.8M and an ROI of 340%.” Forrester revealed that Conviva saves media operations teams an average of $1.06M on productivity alone by providing real-time feedback on streaming delivery and performance and cutting the time it takes to diagnose issues in half.

The Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) study examined the benefits, costs and risks associated with adopting Conviva. As part of the process, Forrester interviewed multiple Conviva customers, aggregating their experiences and combining the results into a single composite organization. Conviva has a global footprint of more than 500 million unique viewers watching 180 billion streams per year across 3.3 billion applications streaming on devices.

Prior to using Conviva, customers shared challenges of limited insight into user experience, dependence on CDN providers to self-report and difficulty diagnosing service issues. With Conviva, customers reported reduced costs, improvements in quality of experience (QoE) and a reduction in churn.

“There is enormous pressure on streaming providers to deliver a consistent, seamless and uninterrupted viewing experience for every piece of content they deliver, from original shows to ads,” said Bill Demas, CEO, Conviva. “This can’t happen without an understanding of when, where and why breakdowns are occurring. Conviva sheds immediate light on this issue, enabling streaming providers to simultaneously meet viewer expectations, increase productivity and reduce costs.”

According to the Forrester study, Conviva:

  • Decreased CDN costs by more than $670K. Conviva’s QoE statistics allowed streaming providers to negotiate CDN services based on quality and price, resulting in a 50% reduction in cost.
  • Reduced costs of operating Call Center by $564K. By increasing performance, Conviva reduced both the number and duration of customer care calls.
  • Reduced customer churn to the tune of over $540K. Improved problem resolution with real time monitoring led to a buffering decrease of 4.6%, which links directly to reduced customer churn.
  • Reduced capital expense by $210K. Improved understanding of problem sources allowed streaming providers to avoid costly misdirected investments.
  • Reduced the cost of reporting across multiple business units by over $530K. Conviva’s dashboard reporting of statistics relieved analysts of the time-consuming effort to create reports across subsidiaries and lines of business.

For more details, download the report.

About Conviva
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