Quality Deviation Analysis


Lower MTTR by 37% by enabling deep root cause analysis and actionability

A Conviva customer has been able to react quickly and prevent future problems, lowering MTTR by 37%. They now spend less resources uncovering root causes, and can now focus on continuous improvement opportunities.

Business Problem

How do you monitor delivery of thousands of assets, across millions of customers, in real-time? Detecting even the slightest decrease in performance on any single asset can feel like finding a needle in a haystack, but it makes a massive difference in QoE. If you can detect, diagnose, and address quality deviations in real-time, you can solve viewer problems before they even notice an issue.

Conviva’s Solution

Use Conviva’s AI-powered alerting to automatically detect and alert your NOC teams to even the slightest degradation in quality.

For 15 years, Conviva has supported nearly
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