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Improve Opps productivity by 45% and lower operational costs by $1M annually

A UK streaming provider increased productivity of Tech Ops support by 45% and saves over $1M annually in reduced operational costs thanks to Conviva’s instant analytics.

Business Problem

Imagine having to support 22M concurrent viewers for the final World Cup game. You have a mere 90 minutes to identify and solve any issues that impact viewer experience and just importantly, ad impressions. The clock is ticking. You don’t have 24 hours to mine your datalake to see where the problem lies or even 45 minutes to do log tracing. For high-concurrency live events, the ability to respond to errors in real-time is critical because audiences are expecting error-free experiences and any outages can massively impact advertising revenue.

Conviva’s Solution

Conviva’s AI alerts provide customers near-instaneous notification of anomalous events and insights, pointing out issues you may not even know you should be looking for. Our real-time dashboards let you quickly analyze and drill down to act on issues that negatively impact experience and engagement metrics, with full context for deep root cause analysis.

For 15 years, Conviva has supported nearly
every major live event and every major streaming service launch.

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