5 Strategies to Escape the Observability Money Pit and Boost User Experience

A consistently seamless and intuitive user experience drives loyalty and ultimately impacts the bottom line for your business. However, effectively making decisions that drive customer outcomes by correlating all your data is a gargantuan task. Precisely aligning customer satisfaction to system performance means tracking every click, every swipe, every session, every interaction—every second of every day. As you can imagine, the amount of data generated here is truly vast. This creates costs to teams, including noise, alert fatigue, and team confusion during incident response.

On the financial side, existing monitoring and analytics solutions typically charge based on data ingestion and storage, which escalates costs as organizations scale to meet heightened demand.

To overcome these challenges, Conviva offers a unique approach to operationalizing data in a precise, context-rich manner that drives efficiency and reduces cost. Our approach is anchored in five core strategies, each designed to address specific challenges and empower organizations to deliver exceptional user experiences while minimizing costs.

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