The State of Streaming in 2022 – Which Devices Dominate?

The State of Streaming in 2022 – Which Devices Dominate?

More than 20 pages of insight to better understand how the world streams.

Streaming is rising to new heights globally. Publishers need to be ready for increased device fragmentation and rising consumer quality expectations, along with taking new approaches to address an ad-supported
streaming future.

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Sneak Peek of Key

Streaming growth continues


Global streaming viewing time was up 14%. Asia and LATAM charted the largest growth at 90% and 70%, respectively. Even North America, the most mature streaming marketing in the world, increased viewing by 5%, a percentage identical to the first quarter of 2022.

Big screens remain the streaming device of choice


Android TVs are a top-five device in five of the six major streaming TV markets and saw an 81.9% increase in viewing hours year over year. No other big screen device increased its share of viewing by more than Android TV, with a 2.8% increase. Android TV CTVs have enabled the smaller OEMs to compete more effectively against Samsung and LG.


Android phones rival iPhone viewing


There is less than 3% difference in share of total viewing hours on mobile devices between iPhone and Android phones globally. While iPhone still leads, Android phone increased their viewing hours at a much faster rate 24.9% (Android) vs 15.9% (iPhone) year over year.

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