On Demand Webinar: 5 Strategies to Escape the Observability Money Pit and Boost User Experience

Enough Is Enough: It’s Time to Challenge the Observability Status Quo. Are we just stuck in an endless cycle of overpaying for observability solutions while leaving teams scratching their heads during troubleshooting? It seems like we’re always sifting through an avalanche of metrics, logs, and traces, trying to find the real issues, which might not even impact our customers. And let’s not even start on the soaring costs as our user base grows—feels like we’re being punished for our success, doesn’t it? 

It’s time – it’s time for a change. 

Join forces with Jens Koerner and Mat Ball for a no-holds-barred session that will challenge EVERYTHING you know about observability. We’re unveiling five groundbreaking strategies that promise to pull us out of this money pit! 

What’s in it for you? Radical insights on: 

    • Harnessing AI & Event Data: Transform these tools from cost centers into your most powerful allies for driving impactful customer outcomes. 
    • Rethinking Team Efficiency: Stop the data overload! We’ll show you how to zero in on what truly matters for your monitoring and automation. 
    • Realignment with Business Goals: Cut through the noise and focus on the metrics that actually propel your business forward. 

Let’s stop the insanity of paying more for less clarity. It’s time to demand more from our observability tools and truly align them with our business needs. Are you ready to slash your observability costs by up to 50% and finally focus on what genuinely impacts your digital business? 

Join the movement. It’s time we redefine observability for the digital age. 

Event Speakers

Jens Koerner

VP Product, Conviva

Mat Ball

Product Marketing Director, New Markets, Conviva