About Us

Early on, Conviva’s founders saw that the video business was changing. As content owners transitioned from delivering video over closed networks to an open and unpredictable Internet environment, the complex ecosystem required a new kind of control to ensure a quality viewing experience.

Drawing on their deep academic roots as professors and researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of California, Berkeley, Conviva’s founders – Dr. Hui Zhang and Dr. Ion Stoica – developed the world’s first control plane architecture for Internet video delivery. Capable of processing and delivering powerful intelligence, this big data platform has now been deployed by over 100 premium content publishers and service providers around the globe.

With a view into over 4 billion streams per month from over 1.6 billion unique devices, only Conviva can provide a global map of the Internet with detailed intelligence, giving online video providers the power to navigate the pitfalls of delivering video over an infrastructure not built for video. By recording detailed, real-time information on each and every viewer’s experience during every viewing session, Conviva data not only offers an unparalleled view into what is happening, but the ability to preemptively avoid the bottlenecks and outages that cause viewers to stop watching.


Conviva’s data shows tolerance for poor-quality video is quickly declining, causing viewers to move on when they don’t receive the high-quality experience they expect. With the competition for viewers heating up across all delivery networks and platforms, those video providers that don’t prioritize the delivery of a TV-quality experience will lose viewers to those who do.

Conviva’s global customer base includes premium entertainment, news, sports and media brands, as well as leading service providers in 180 countries, delivering live and on demand content in both subscription and ad-supported models. As a valued, strategic partner, Conviva is helping the world’s most respected media brands to take control of their viewing experience and navigate the changing business of television.

Conviva is based in Silicon Valley, with offices in New York and London.

Key Conviva Facts

  • Founded in 2006
  • Deep roots in science and academia – 25 PhDs on staff
  • Founders hold PhDs from UC Berkley and Carnegie Mellon
  • Pioneering research on video, QoE, SDN and big data decisioning
  • Provides the most diverse view of the video on the Internet