10 Ways Conviva Helps iGaming’s Product & Engineering Teams Say, “Game On!”

Earlier this month Conviva played its part in the biggest internet streaming day in history. In working with 12 of the 15 biggest global media brands we’ve seen the massive technological shift to deliver new functionality to customers, faster. The challenge? Poor Quality of Experience caused by devices, networks, and distributed systems can kill user engagement and have users place their bets elsewhere. Success is no longer based on uptime alone, and IT and engineering thrives with clear user feedback loops. Unfortunately, teams relying on existing Observability or product analytics solutions can’t determine quality of experience. Instead, they must sift through noisy and redundant data sets when trying to make decisions. Piecemeal UIs, metrics per URL, and an overload of transaction traces leave teams scratching their head when answering “is our gaming experience good enough?”  

Here’s 10 ways Conviva helps drive customer experience, team alignment and efficiency, and business impact for iGaming:

  1. Superhuman Visibility of User Experience

Stop guessing which sub-component of your tech stack is the bottleneck for user experience. Conviva ingests, measures, and correlates every session, event, custom tag, to confidently compute Quality of Experience, and  reveal the biggest problems impacting users. Deliver better business outcomes by confidently improving your most meaningful experiences. Across every user session, critical service workflows, or throughout every API connection, Conviva helps you understand what improvements will boost user engagement and time spent on apps. 

  1. Metrics That Matter, Made in Minutes

Finally, a solution that helps every team add business context and customization, in just a few clicks. Conviva automatically ingests all user events to compute your Quality of Experience. From there, Conviva helps easily enrich your data with one-click customization for new metrics. This means everyone from product, engineering, IT, or your business units easily create and visualize data relevant to their role. Understand the business impact of slow pages? Done. Analyze how mobile load times affect high-roller engagement? That’s us. 

  1. Quickly Dig to the Source of the Problem

You’ve bet big on software engineering to rapidly deliver new functionality. When problems happen across complex, interdependent system architectures, harness the power of infinite drill down. Zoom from high level app performance to precise subcomponents responsible for the issue, with the highest cardinality.  

  1. Finally, A North Star for End User Excellence

Interested in aligning your product, engineering, and IT orgs to a common goal for customer experience? Conviva’s Customer Experience Index (CEI) helps teams determine what “good customer” experience is. Benchmark and improve your app against industry standards. Track progress with each new deployment or alongside major system improvements to align every business unit to great digital experience. 

  1. Real-Time Clarity of the Biggest Customer Issues

Incident response can drain time and resources from IT and engineering teams. Conviva uses AI to reduce false positives across the end user experience, and instantly prioritize the biggest customer-impacting issues. Where Observability solutions can drain team efficiency from increasing system noise and redundant alerts, Conviva helps you immediately understand where Quality of Experience is suffering, and which components are responsible.  

  1. Every Event & Every Session to Optimize User Engagement

Conviva’s ultra effective data platform brings your critical user flows to life with business and technical context. Every event from every session is captured and correlated alongside your custom business metrics. The result? A deep understanding of how system performance impacts user experience and engagement across each step of your business and service workflows. Finally, make the best decisions by putting all your data to work. 

  1. Break Down Blind Spots and Unite Teams

Break down silos and eliminate blind spots. Teams using Observability, Digital Experience Monitoring, or product analytics tools require you to piece together experience from individual pages, metrics, or traces, often in disjointed UIs. Conviva automatically ingests and visualizes all existing custom tags, and offers one click customization for teams to add and share their relevant workflows. Now, teams have a central solution for their specific workflows, that helps them understand the entire system as well.   

  1. Big Data, Tiny Price Tag

Big data shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag. Conviva proves that powerful insights needn’t break the bank. Our massively scalable platform processes every user event, across every journey, at every level of customization, without exceeding your budget. We believe in democratizing access to exceptional data, empowering even the most resource-constrained iGaming companies to compete with the giants. 

  1. Easy Setup for a Lifetime of Optimization

Forget weeks of integration headaches and resource-intensive deployments. Conviva’s super-lightweight SDK is easy to set up, leaving you free to focus on what truly matters: crafting the most incredible iGaming experiences imaginable. We believe in speed and efficiency, letting you get out of the server room and start engineering your way to iGaming dominance. 

Ready player one? 

There’s little room for error for iGaming businesses. The penalty for latency or poor performance is a missed bet. However, product, engineering, and IT groups can take more ownership in their digital experience by aligning system performance to their customer experience.  

Interested in learning more? Connect with us at ICE London in early February 2024 or scheule a demo today.