What Is Exit Before Video Start (EBVS)?

Exit Before Video Start (EBVS) measures instances where your users exit the platform before a video even begins. Such premature exits can be indicative of various issues, including slow loading times, unclear navigation cues, or video playback failures (VPF). By closely monitoring EBVS, app and video streaming service providers can identify and address factors that contribute to viewer disengagement, enhancing the platform’s overall appeal and user retention. 

Analyzing the reasons behind exits before video start allows platforms to implement targeted improvements, optimizing the initial stages of user interaction and ensuring a more seamless and engaging streaming experience from the outset. This may be a difficult and complex issue for digital platforms if they do not have proper, data-driven insight into the entire viewer experience. Conviva’s Operational Data Platform provides that end-to-end information, empowering your teams to quickly isolate the causes of EBVS, whether they stem from your delivery network, video player, advertisements, or any other measured aspect of your service.