What Is Streaming Plays?

Streaming plays serve as a metric indicating the number of successful playing events an app and video streaming service achieves within a designated time frame. Streaming plays exclude failures and exits, irrespective of their underlying causes, focusing solely on instances where your users successfully engage with and view your video content. This key performance indicator provides detailed insights into your service’s effectiveness in delivering uninterrupted streaming experiences for your audience. It allows for a more nuanced understanding of your user engagement, emphasizing not just successful starts but sustained and meaningful interactions with the streamed content over a defined period.

Active streaming plays, a subset of streaming plays go a step further and represent instances of successful video streaming where your user actively views content for a specified duration. For example, a segment lasting 45 minutes within a 4-hour live-streaming event could be classified as an active play. Concurrent streaming plays, on the other hand, represent the maximum number of simultaneous streaming sessions over a given interval. This provides insights into your platform’s capacity to handle large-scale audience engagement, which is particularly crucial during high network volume scenarios such as live-streaming major sports events. These metrics collectively play a pivotal role in assessing the effectiveness, user engagement, and scalability of your app and video streaming service.