What Is Video Restart Time (VRT)?

Video Restart Time (VRT) is the duration it takes for a video to recommence from the beginning after being paused or stopped. While video start time (VST) aims to reduce delays at the onset of playback, VRT addresses interruptions during user interactions. This metric is integral to evaluating the efficiency and responsiveness of video controls, directly impacting your user interaction and satisfaction. A swift and seamless video restart time is crucial for maintaining viewer engagement, ensuring that your users can easily resume content without undue delays. 

App and video streaming providers prioritize optimizing VRT through various technological strategies, including efficient buffering, caching mechanisms, and responsive player interfaces. Minimizing video restart time contributes significantly to a smoother and more user-friendly video-watching experience, enhancing the overall quality of digital content consumption. After all, it’s called “video on demand”, not “video after demand”. Your audience expects responsive, immediate service, and Conviva empowers you to drill down and eliminate the root causes of any delays with our revolutionary Operational Data Platform.