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Shorten Time to First Play By 56%

Get viewers to their favorite content faster. Every viewer has experienced the endless scrolling nightmare trying to find the right show to binge, only to give up and exit the app. It’s a massive user experience problem. Even if they don’t quit the app, every minute spent searching for content is a minute lost on streaming video. When streaming minutes directly correlate to higher ad revenue and greater viewer engagement, it’s up to ops teams to do everything to get viewers streaming as soon as possible.  

Reduce Time to First Play with a streamlined content discovery experience.  

If discovery takes longer than 11 minutes, 23% of viewers will disengage. What data are you using to streamline content discovery and get viewers streaming faster? 

Protect the moment for your users.

Deliver Engaging User Experiences

Conviva enables teams to measure every step in a user’s content discovery journey to build stateful experience metrics like Time to First Play or Search to Selection Rate. These experience-centric metrics help pinpoint bottlenecks in content discovery that might keep users from streaming. They enable your team to ask questions like: Are viewers stalling on the homepage? Is our search functionality getting users to content faster? Is the top banner asset on my homepage converting well?  

With these real-time, experience-centric insights, your team can confidently test and experiment with new homepage layouts, recommendation algorithms, and search functionality to get viewers to their content faster. Conviva computes stateful metrics like Time to First Play, Actie User Time, and Time to First Click to help your team instantly address issues with content discovery. 

Success Story

Design experiences to increase streaming minutes and increase sign-up

A leading US streamer wanted to experiment with new strategies to increase their viewer engagement. They decided to test new content carousels personalized to each viewer and optimize their free trial recommendations to keep new viewers tuned in. They thought effective content recommendations could speed up Time to First Play and get viewers watching sooner.  And increasing their free trial conversion would bring new viewers into their platform, with effective content discovery keeping them coming back. 

But they didn’t have the user experience data to optimize any of these content discovery experiences. Using Conviva’s Operational Data Platform, the team could unlock the user experience insights to increase minutes watched per viewer, speed up Time to First Play, and optimize their application experience. 

To experiment with personalized carousels, they curated a themed carousel with travel and vacation movies and series. They used Conviva’s semantic mapper to tag clicks on each carousel, see which shows were clicked more often, and how much engagement (in minutes per viewer) they were able to capture. They tested different carousel positions to see which correlated with actual viewership the best. Their experiments lead to a 20% increase in carousel click-throughs, leading to higher engagement and viewership than their standard homepage content.  

For free trial participants, the team used their Conviva data to identify what content free-trial viewers were watching and promoted this content on their free-access pages. They tracked what type of content viewers watched the most during trials to better project conversion rates. This free-trial optimization got users to high-engagement content faster, streamlining their experience and increasing their likelihood of full conversion. By using effective user-experience data to guide their free trial recommendations, the team saw a 40% increase in free trial conversion during their testing period.  

The US streamer knew that the only way to increase engagement was to prioritize the user experience. Guided by the experience-centric insights Conviva delivered, the streamer could confidently experiment with new content discovery strategies to optimize user engagement and convert more loyal viewers.  

Guided by the experience-centric insights Conviva delivered, the streamer could confidently experiment with new content discovery strategies to optimize user engagement and convert more loyal viewers.  

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