Multi-Screen QoE Analytics Ecosystem Initiative

An OTT Industry Initiative to Bring 360-View of Video Quality to the Entire Delivery Ecosystem

Ecosystem members gain access to advanced, specially provisioned multi-screen analytics, for greater collaboration across the publisher video delivery ecosystem. Ecosystem members include publishers, content delivery network (CDNs), player frameworks, device manufacturers and many others servicing the video delivery chain. All this is done with a single video player SDK that can collect everything the ecosystem needs to better deliver streaming video on the internet.

Role-Based OTT Intelligence to Maximize Viewer Satisfaction

Role-Based OTT Intelligence Role-Based OTT Intelligence Role-Based OTT Intelligence Role-Based OTT Intelligence

The Ecosystem Initiative provides the same business and service-critical over-the-top (OTT) insights that Conviva publishers get from Experience Insights to all video delivery ecosystem partners based on their roles and coverage. In the hands of an ecosystem partner, such as a CDN, a key quality metric, such as re-buffering ratio, provided in real-time can make all the difference between viewers having a poor or excellent experience. With specific quality of experience (QoE) metrics and performance insights provisioned exactly for their service, ecosystem partners will now be able to act and respond immediately to any issue that emerges in their workflow, and sometimes even before it comes to the attention of the publisher or viewer.

Ensuring Quality Is a Shared Responsibility

Streaming video delivery is a complicated process that relies on multiple service providers, technologies and vendors. A lot can go wrong between the point of transmission and the consumers’ screens. To get it right, many of today’s leading publishers have turned to the Multi-Screen QoE Analytics provided by Conviva.

Unlike other QoE solutions, Conviva generates its real-time quality metrics at the video player level, which means it’s able to give publishers a live standardized picture of how its ecosystem is performing truly from the viewers’ perspective. We give that same view to ecosystem partners – high fidelity data for both publishers and their ecosystem providers with a single SDK.

Factors Impacting Quality

The partner-specific Multi-Screen QoE Analytics provided by Conviva allows each constituent to further analyze interruptions and even utilize a true proactive approach via Video AI Alerts that quickly detect and diagnose the root cause of any issue to minimize and potentially eliminate quality degradations of their publisher clients.

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Single, Unified Interface for Cross‑Publisher Visibility

Unified, Comparative View of QoE Performance

Publisher‑Specific View of QoE Performance

QoE Performance Benchmarking

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Single, Unified Interface for Cross‑Publisher Visibility
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QoE Performance Benchmarking
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Publisher‑Specific View of QoE Performance
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Unified, Comparative View of QoE Performance
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Monitor Key Experience Metrics in Real Time

With Conviva’s Multi-Screen QoE Analytics, ecosystem partners will have access to real-time statistics for key experience metrics like average bitrate, video start time and rebuffering ratios across all geographies and publishers they serve.

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Multi-Dimensional Intelligence

Conviva’s user-friendly interface allows partners to quickly filter and segment the experience metrics by several key dimensions, such as geo, CDN, publisher name and even content type (Live or video on demand(VOD)), and get at the root cause of the problem before it even becomes an issue for the viewer.

The Benefits of Multi-Screen QoE Analytics

Conviva’s Multi-Screen QoE Analytics Ecosystem initiative gives every participating constituent focused access and visibility into the video delivery ecosystem. While this is key to the joint effort of improving the viewing experience, it also extends a number of additional benefits to each type of constituent.



CDNs accelerate the delivery of content via a very sophisticated network of servers and overlay services. Multi-Screen QoE Analytics provides visibility into the performance of their servers and services from the outside in, resulting in improved viewer experience.


By combining traditional quality of service (QoS) monitoring solutions and QoE data with Conviva’s experience data generated at the player level, network management solutions gain a complete end-to-end picture of the ecosystem’s performance.


Player framework providers manage hundreds of software versions across multiple hardware platforms making troubleshooting viewing issues difficult. QoE metrics can help these companies quickly locate and resolve each issue, be it in the software, manifest files or anywhere else.


Video resolution and quality provide mobile device, set-top box and other video-viewing consumer electronic manufacturers a way to differentiate themselves in the market. These companies can use the QoE metrics not only as a way to benchmark and distinguish themselves from the competition, but also as a roadmap for improving their products and fixing low-level device software issues.


OVPs typically provide a complete turnkey solution for producing video content. With the Multi-Screen QoE Analytics, OVPs get a comprehensive view of the consumers’ experience and a way to fine tune each service across their entire offering, from CMS and advertising support to CDN, player and more.

Ecosystem Partners

Adobe Primetime

Brings TV to every IP-connected screen. Broadcast live, linear and video-on-demand (VOD) programming everywhere.

Level 3 Communications

Global network company focused on managed security, network, voice and data services. Access all your needed network services via one provider.


Specializes in video delivery solutions for premium content including web players, mobile SDKs, content transcoding/packaging and multi-DRM licensing.


Discovers the best solution for delivering digital content, to any device, anywhere in the world.


Provides video network intelligence technologies and solutions that enable companies to monitor, gather, aggregate and analyze video data across their video network.


Verizon Digital Media Services offers a next-generation platform for all the needs of online video streaming and CDN.

Ecosystem Initiative

Delivering streaming content over the Internet isn’t going to get any easier or less complex. Moving forward, video content publishers are going to need more help from their ecosystem partners to maintain the quality experience their consumers expect and demand. The Multi-Screen QoE Analytics available from Conviva provides ecosystem constituents with the metrics and analytics they need to help publishers and one another deliver a quality experience, to every screen.

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