Multi-Screen Analytics Ecosystem Initiative

Comprehensive View of Streaming TV Performance Across the Ecosystem

Conviva’s Ecosystem Initiative is the world’s first and only permission-based viewer experience visibility program for the streaming TV ecosystem. Members get real-time visibility into advanced measurement and analytics for greater collaboration to deliver the ultimate streaming TV viewing experience.

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Unified, Cross-Publisher Visibility

QoE Performance Benchmarking

Publisher-Specific Performance

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QoE Performance Benchmarking
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Publisher-Specific Performance
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Role-Based OTT Intelligence to Maximize Viewer Satisfaction

The Ecosystem Initiative provides the same real-time streaming TV performance visibility for approved ecosystem partners that Conviva publishers get from Experience Insights based on their roles and coverage. Instantaneous visibility into streaming quality degradations between publishers and ecosystem partners can make all the difference between viewers having a poor or excellent experience. With specific QoE metrics and performance insights provisioned exactly for their service coupled with Video AI Alerts, ecosystem partners will now be able to act and respond immediately to any issue that emerges in their workflow, and sometimes even before it comes to the attention of the publisher or viewer.

Key Benefits

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Actionable Experience Metrics in Real-Time

With Conviva’s Multi-Screen QoE Analytics, ecosystem partners will have access to real-time statistics for key experience metrics like average bitrate, video start time, and rebuffering ratios across all geographies and publishers they serve.

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Multi-Dimensional Intelligence

Conviva’s user-friendly interface allows partners to quickly filter experience metrics by several key dimensions and get at the root cause of streaming issues before it even becomes an issue for the viewer.

Ecosystem Partners


Specializes in video delivery solutions for premium content including web players, mobile SDKs, content transcoding/packaging, and multi-DRM licensing.


Discovers the best solution for delivering digital content, to any device, anywhere in the world.


Provides video network intelligence technologies and solutions that enable companies to monitor, gather, aggregate, and analyze video data across their video network.


Verizon Digital Media Services offers a next generation platform for all the needs of an online video streaming content delivery network (CDN).

Level 3 Communications

Global network company focused on managed security, network, voice, and data services. Access all your needed network services via one provider.

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