Streaming video subscribers have higher expectations than they do for broadcast performance. However, siloed data sets between publishers and CDN partners render the management of viewer experience very difficult. For publishers to meet their viewers’ lofty standards, both the publisher and their CDN partner must align on a unified Quality of Experience (QoE) view.

The Conviva Ecosystem Initiative is the world’s first, purpose-built platform that allows publishers to securely share their QoE analytic performance with their CDN partners. This real-time visibility into advanced measurement and the seamless partner collaboration help deliver the ultimate streaming experience to subscribers.

Unified QoE Visibility

When authorized by the customer, Conviva grants the Ecosystem Initiative partner CDN access to the their real-time and historical QoE analytics, via the Conviva Partner Console.

The Conviva Partner Console provides CDN partners with the same multi-dimensional intelligence for delivery only that Conviva’s customers enjoy. Conviva also routes AI Alerts directly to the impacted CDN automatically.

Permission-Based and Secure

Conviva customers must pre-approve any sharing permissions. For AI Alerts routing (via the CDN Module), publishers retain complete control over sensitivity thresholds and granular data sharing.

All Ecosystem Partners are subject to a common set of data use policies. CDN partner access is restricted to their QoE metrics in the Conviva Partner Console.

CDN Members

If you are interested in joining the Ecosystem Initiative and have identified a joint customer that would like you to join the program, please contact