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Unlock 110 Million Additional Streaming Minutes Annually

The more users watch, the better for your business. Every additional minute a viewer tunes in means higher ad impressions, increased viewer engagement, and a lower risk of churn. If you’re not optimizing your video streams based on the real user experience, you’re leaving millions of additional streaming minutes (plus ad and subscriber revenue) on the table.  

Don’t let technical video delivery issues keep viewers from watching your content. With the Conviva Operational Platform, unlock real-time, stateful analytics on every individual viewer session – regardless of region, device, platform, or OS version. Conviva’s Streaming Performance Index is a single metric that all your teams’ KPIs ladder up to and is directly correlated to viewer engagement.  

Viewers with poor video experience watch 63% less. How are you identifying and resolving session-level technical issues in real-time so viewers will keep coming back? 

Protect the moment for your users.

Keep Viewers Engaged

There could be a million reasons why a viewer is experiencing video experience issues like a sudden video playback failure. Ops teams need to identify the root cause and fix quickly to ensure any issue is just a brief disruption and not a potential loss of millions in ad and subscriber revenue. Conviva’s AI alerts scan over 120 billion metrics per hour to identify potential anomalies in viewing experience with in-depth reasoning for why an alert was fired, what metrics were impacted, and potential root causes. 

Don’t lose viewers to a bad experience. Empower your operations teams with insights to keep viewers coming back. Conviva computes stateful metrics like our proprietary Streaming Performance Index (SPI), CIRR, and Video Start Failures – Technical to help your team instantly address issues with playback experience.

Success Story

Reduce customer care call and delight users with an optimized viewing experience

Facing growing competition, a leading Portuguese telecom was preparing to launch their OTT offering. With an engaging viewer experience, unique content, and a consistent high-quality video performance, they knew they had the winning combination to secure themselves as the leaders in OTT. 

But, they faced a massive technical challenge. The fragmentation of devices, operating systems, regions, and players made it challenging for the streamer to create consistent quality standards. With trillions of unique data points to analyze, they needed a streamlined system to model their real-world viewer experience and identify opportunities to improve viewer experience, effectively allocate resources, and properly forecast viewer needs.   

The Telecom leveraged Conviva’s Operational Data Platform to effectively collect, normalize, standardize, and contextualize millions of viewer sessions.This allowed their operations teams to measure every viewer session in real-time and at scale, identifying technical issues and optimizing viewer experience. Plus, they unlocked the flexibility to execute multi-dimensional drill down into each KPI and viewer session to find additional improvement opportunities at a granular level.  

Conviva’s SPI score served as the main KPI to unify the team under the same goal of offering a smooth viewing experience. SPI is directly correlated to viewer engagement, so the team knew prioritizing the technical improvements that increased SPI would increase their viewer engagement. 

Their launch was a success. The team was able to effectively deliver on their goals through a combination of technical improvements in their content delivery architecture, preventive and proactive monitoring, and actionable drill down operations.With Experience-Centric Stateful Analytics, they were able to reduce their customer care calls by 67%​ and support 4K content with flawless delivery to 98% of their viewers.  

With Experience-Centric Stateful Analytics, they were able to​ reduce their customer care calls by 67%​ and support 4K content with flawless delivery to 98% of their viewers.

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