Eliminating the Set-Top Box Blind Spot eBook

Download our new e-book to learn how service providers use Conviva to calculate Experience Metrics across any end-point within their IP-Enabled STB and reduce churn.

Real-time IP-enabled STB Experience Metrics, only from Conviva

- % of reboots that turn into a support call
- % of support calls that result in a truck roll
- % of plays with decode issues
- % of devices exceeding temperature thresholds
- Average time from STB wakeup to first play

And many more.

Common challenges within IP-enabled STBs

Limited Root-Cause Understanding: You struggle to identify root cause for quality issues on owned and 3rd party applications.

Measurement Fragmentation: You face fragmented & uncorrelated measurement of user journeys, experience, and engagement​ within your IP-enabled STB.

Blind to External Apps: You don’t know what your customer experiences when they launch a 3rd party app, how much they use it, or what is your ROI.

Heavy Tech Stacks: Legacy tools that monitor and analyze your raw event data negatively affect both your bottom line and your IP-enabled STB performance.

Inefficient Development: Service providers face long development cycles for new IP-enabled STBs, and the entire world is watching each release. If something goes wrong, it's a front-page news story and subscribers churn.

Conviva solves these problems, and more, helping service provides enhance their operational efficiency, improve viewer engagement, and maximize revenue generation by delivering high-quality OTT experiences.

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