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Increase Sign Up Complete Rates 2x

Make sign up painless for every user. Supercharge your revenue generation with intuitive sign-up processes that get users from sign up to content consumption quicker than ever. 

If a user wants to subscribe to your service, don’t let your sign-up experience to be the reason they give up. Drop-offs in your subscription process are lost revenue opportunities directly caused by a sub-optimal user experience. Identify gaps and bottlenecks in your subscription process to speed up sign-up, reduce friction, and optimize subscription flows – ensuring no user drops off because of experience.  

If Sign-Up takes longer than 2 minutes, 52% of users will drop off. How long is your average sign-up time across all platforms?  

Protect the moment for your users.

Drive Higher Subscriber Revenue

Pinpoint the moments in your app experience that are keeping users from completing their subscription. Leverage Conviva’s semantic mapping and metric building to develop fully customized monitoring of your subscription processes. Set custom metrics based on every step of your subscription journey to identify drop off points so you can mitigate any drop off. Conviva’s AI Alerts can alert operations teams if there’s any fluctuation in sign up metrics so teams can instantly react and ensure no potential subscriber revenue is lost.   

Map critical sign-up events, measure time to subscription, and identify where gaps exist in the subscription process to maximize revenue generation and user engagement. Conviva computes stateful metrics like Time to Sign-Up, Sign-Up Success Rate, and Sign Up Abandonment  to help your team instantly address issues with sign-up experience.

Success Story

Maximize subscriber revenue with a streamlined sign up process.

A leading sports streamer was preparing for an upcoming international tournament that would bring in their biggest audience of the year. As part of their preparation, they wanted to ensure every step in their application experience was optimized to get fans watching the matches as soon as possible. They knew they’d be getting a stream of new viewers who are joining their service just for the tournament, so they decided to focus on Sign-Up experience. 

The streamer knew that if their sign-up process took longer than 2 minutes, they’d lose up to 60% of potential customers in the process. It was essential to streamline that journey as much as possible. Their team used Conviva’s Operational Data Platform to map all the critical elements of sign-up, and created a custom metric called “Fast Sign-Up” to measure the percentage of users with sign-up under 2 minutes.  

In the final days before the tournament, the streamer was alerted to an 80% reduction in Fast Sign Up. After drilling down into the devices, regions, and app versions impacted, they discover the increase in sign up time was on big screens. Digging deeper, they saw those impacted users were entering their credentials multiple times. They also saw an increase in clicks on the “reset” button. They realized this was an issue with the interface, the “reset” and “submit” buttons were placed next to each other, and users navigating sign-up on their tv remotes were inadvertently pressing “reset”.   

After detecting this issue and identifying the root cause, the streamer updated their applications with a new version right before the tournament began. At the start of the tournament and “fast sign up” increased to nearly 98% of all users. Throughout the course of the tournament, the streamer saw a 25% higher subscription rate than last year’s tournament.  

Throughout the course of the tournament, the streamer saw a 25% higher subscription rate than last year’s tournament.  

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