On Demand Webinar: Revolutionizing OTT – How Quality of Experience Transforms High-Demand Live Events

If you are looking for best practices when launching a High-Demand Live Event, then this recording is for you!

Gone are the days when mere content delivery was enough. Today, as we’ve evolved with monumental live spectacles like the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, and the Super Bowl, the benchmark for excellence is not just to meet but to transcend viewer expectations.

We hosted a webinar with Broadband TV News, Vincenzo Roggio from DAZN, and Varun Dixit from Conviva, on How Quality of Experience Transforms High-Demand Live Events. Watch the recording to learn:

    • How to prepare for a massive Live Event and ensure no viewer is left behind
    • How to leverage AI to enable real-time, user-level intelligence to optimize video delivery
    • Why data actionability is the difference between a satisfied viewer and a lost customer