Get immediate actionability from your streaming data.

Maximize user experiences, engagement and profitability with the real-time analytics platform built for streaming.
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The world's leading streaming providers trust Conviva,
including 8 of the 10 largest global media companies
with combined market caps exceeding half a trillion dollars

Conviva is the real-time analytics platform that makes streaming data actionable

Just like you, we operate in real-time, at big data scale, to make it easy for you to understand and act on the complex, unpredictable, real-world experiences your customers are actually having.


Measure every
end point

Extract streaming data at the source across unlimited apps and devices.

Continuous & Real-Time

Use Conviva Timelines
to compute context-sensitive metrics

Sessionize, normalize, & standardize data in motion for the most precise & efficient analytics.

Proactive & Instant

surface and act on
AI-enabled insights

Use accurate diagnostics & root cause attribution to unlock value & resolve issues during active user sessions.


Time-State Analytics—Why Everyone Should Care

Learn what Time-State Analytics and Timeline Frameworks are, and why the Data Systems Research community is excited.

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Since 2006 Conviva has been at the forefront of streaming media measurement

For over 15 years, Conviva has supported nearly every major streaming service launch and live streamed sporting event around the globe. We've received over 60 patents forging this unique approach to streaming analytics.


Sensors deployed


Events processed every day


Streaming app revenues supported


Unique Viewers

Get big data wins at futuristic speeds.



Increase in engagement by understanding audience



Increase in revenue by finding additional audience



Improvement in video drops by acting in real-time

Customer Care


Reduction in call center costs by seeing the full experience

"With Conviva, Hulu is able to gather granular insights in real-time across our live and on-demand services that help keep us at the top of our game."

- David Baron, VP of Content Business Operations and Digital Supply, Hulu

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