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Bill Demas Joins Conviva as CEO as Company Scales Up to Meet Unprecedented Demand for Its All-Screen Measurement and Analytics Video AI Platform

Video AI Platform

A Unique Measurement and Analytics Architecture for the Next Generation of TV

Today the lines are blurring between streaming video, over-the-top (OTT) and traditional linear broadcast, merging into simply the next generation of TV. Conviva is the measurement standard of this new generation.

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Your Smarts + AI

Conviva’s Video AI Alerts

Constantly Watching. Constantly Resolving. Get to the root of streaming issues that matter so you can focus on building a better OTT business. To deliver TV over the internet, you need artificial intelligence. The next generation of TV is online because consumers want to watch it anywhere, anytime and on any screen. Unfortunately, too many things can go wrong when delivering video over a medium that was never built for it.

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Increased Viewer Engagement Within the First Month


“Our customers expect the same high-quality experience on their iPhone as they do on their flat screen TV. With Conviva, we are able to ensure that our fans can watch their favorite game on the go, anytime, anywhere and at the absolute best quality picture possible.”

Vice PresidentMajor US Mobile Streaming Sports Broadcaster

Conviva’s enterprise-class platform and sensor network is deployed by over 200 global brands today.

Real-Time Global Intelligence


Average Bitrate

Real-time average bitrate over the past 24 hours

Concurrent Plays

Real-time concurrent plays over the past 24 hours

Rebuffering Ratio

Real-time rebuffering ratio over the past 24 hours