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Increase MTTR by 57%

A Conviva customer detected an issue with Login Processing before a major event, keeping viewers from tuning in. They detected, diagnosed, and resolved the issue within minutes and avoided any outages.

Business Problem

Monitoring even when you’re away. A viewer in England might be binging some late night television, while a shopper in Japan might be ordering their morning coffee on your app. Regardless of time, or region, your team needs to monitor every single user session 24/7 to ensure experience is flawless for every user across the globe. For any operations tea, the ability to measure and react to changes in user experience in real-time is critical to keep users from turning to your competition.

Conviva’s Solution

Conviva’s AI Alerts enable teams to establish performance & engagement thresholds and get alerted when user experience is impacted. Plus, receive alerts for subtle degradations in quality over time that might go undetected with traditional monitoring.

For 15 years, Conviva has supported nearly
every major live event and every major streaming service launch.

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