Content Discovery Analysis


Reduce Time to First Play by 39%

Conviva customers are consistently experimenting with new application configurations to accelerate content discovery and get user to their content faster, with some features helping to reduce Time To First Play by 39%.

Business Problem

Get viewers to the content they want to see faster. Unlock user-level insights to prioritize the app experience improvements that help viewers find their content faster and stay tuned in longer. Did you add a new content rail and want to know if it had an impact on viewer time? Measure how app updates impact content discovery and viewer retention.

Conviva’s Solution

Monitor the real-time impact of changes to your homescreen, content search, or personalization algorithms in getting users to their content faster with custom event mapping and user engagement metrics like Time to First Play. Instantly understand how changes to your app experience accelerate content discovery and keep viewers tuned in longer.

For 15 years, Conviva has supported nearly
every major live event and every major streaming service launch.

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