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Customer Success Story Canal Digital was established in 1997, its primary purpose being distribution of television programs, and conducting activities…
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Customer Success Story

Canal Digital was established in 1997, its primary purpose being distribution of television programs, and conducting activities related to broadcast and entertainment. Canal Digital proposes a rich content offer to customers, with over 140 TV channels to choose from. Close to 850,000 DTH households across the Nordics choose Canal Digital as their entertainment platform. Canal Digital has a strong HD position, and presented 3D content as early as 2010.

“We work hard every day to make sure our viewers receive the best streaming service. Conviva’s data allows us to benchmark our streaming quality to gauge if we’re on the right path and helps highlight areas for improvement. Conviva’s comprehensive streaming measurement data has been a trusted source of truth for our streaming platform, and has allowed us to accurately monitor our service performance and enhance it for our viewers.”

-Tone Krohn Clausen, Director Product & Digital, Canal Digital


Canal Digital, a direct-to-home (DTH) service provider operating the leading multi-platform television service in the Nordics, set out to achieve a best-in-class streaming service which demonstrates their focus on offering customers the best streaming service the market has to offer. Canal Digital’s customers stream more content than ever, and they expect a stable streaming service and world-class services.


Canal Digital works with Conviva’s Video AI Platform, which provides insight into the consumer’s streaming experience across all screens and applications, giving Canal Digital actionable data to improve the quality of their streaming service. Canal Digital uses Conviva data to benchmark quality, understand their performance, and identify areas they can improve.


Canal Digital reports streaming quality numbers exceeding the European averages reported in Conviva’s Q1 2018 state of streaming report. Based on the Q1 report, measurement of the four key indicators of streaming TV quality – video start failure (VSF), video start time (VST), rebuffering ratio, and average bitrate – reflect that Canal Digital’s numbers were markedly better than the European averages.

In Q1 2018, Canal Digital’s
– VSF was just 1.19%, versus the European average of 2.07% noted in the report.
– VST was less than half of the 4.3-second European average Conviva reported, at a mere 1.96 seconds.
– rebuffering ratio was 0.26%, 146% less compared to the 0.64% European average reported by Conviva.
– picture quality, or average bitrate, was 49% better than average, at 5.13mbps versus 3.45mbps.

Overall, Canal Digital was able to deliver higher than average picture quality while still preserving high-quality video delivery.

“At Conviva we take great pride in providing customers, like Canal Digital, with accurate and actionable streaming data to help improve their service,” says Bill Demas, CEO of Conviva. “Our quarterly reports aggregate fully anonymized data from our customer base to deliver useful benchmarks to the streaming industry.”