Customer Story | Delivering Flawless Live-Sports Quality at Scale

Discover how a new streaming service flawlessly streamed 64 top-tier sports events, with peak viewership, all without any video disruption or viewer complaints.

Have you ever wondered how a newly launched streaming service could take on the challenge of streaming major live sports events just six months after inception? That’s exactly what one of our customers faced when they debuted their platform.

This streaming service, an extension of a leading national media company, had the daunting task of impressing viewers who were steadily adopting the new platform. The challenge became even more significant as they secured the exclusive national rights to stream these high-profile sports events.

Their mission? To ensure a flawless quality of experience (QoE) during these high-concurrency streams

The solution: The strategic implementation of Conviva’s Streaming Analytics Platform


Starting from Scratch: A Technical Challenge

One of the greatest obstacles faced by the streaming service was its novelty in the industry. As a new player, they were starting from scratch in terms of streaming analytics. What they required was a robust analytics solution that could be quickly integrated and scaled to support the massive viewership spikes they anticipated during the high-profile sports events.

Adding to the complexity, they needed immediate insights to address any unexpected changes in metrics in real time, ensuring no disruptions occurred during game times. The stakes were high – any hitch in streaming quality could risk alienating their growing viewer base.

Lastly, the team at the streaming service craved a single source of truth – a comprehensive platform that could be used cross-functionally across product, development, content, and engineering teams. Such a tool would allow them to prioritize improvements, align on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and ensure a united front in their pursuit of excellence.

The Solution: Leveraging Conviva’s Operational Data Platform

To solve these challenges, the streaming service turned to Conviva, incorporating it as the primary tool in their command centers and across various teams. The goal was clear: to monitor the Quality of Experience (QoE) in real time throughout the duration of the 64 high-profile sports matches.

Key to their strategy was the activation of the Real-Time Trends Dashboard. This tool allowed them to detect, diagnose, and resolve quality issues as they occurred, mitigating any potential impact on the viewer’s experience. With the ability to address problems immediately, they ensured the viewers enjoyed a seamless streaming experience, free of disruptions or outages.

Another critical part of their strategy involved using Conviva’s AI-powered alerting. This innovative tool automatically identified quality errors that were impacting smaller subsets of viewers across a diverse device landscape. By doing so, they ensured every viewer, regardless of their device, received a high-quality, uninterrupted stream.

With Conviva’s suite of tools, the streaming service overcame significant technical challenges, and ultimately delivered a flawless streaming experience, even under high-pressure conditions. This success underscores the power of Conviva’s solutions, showing that with the right technology and strategic implementation, even a new entrant in the streaming space can deliver high-quality streams at scale.