Case Study: Customer Care

Learn how a U.S.-based streaming business with tens of millions of users was able to resolve calls faster and reduce call center operations by $564,000.
Conviva Case Study

Publisher Profile

  • U.S.-based streaming business with tens of millions of users
  • Offers a library of on-demand and live programming
  • Both ad- and subscription-based monetization models


The best customer care experiences resolve concerns quickly, but troubleshooting quality of experience (QoE) issues can be a time-consuming process that impacts major customer care KPIs like average hold times, time to resolution, and customer satisfaction.

While all of these KPIs are important, the publisher specifically wanted to reduce call time and escalations so lower-level customer service representatives (CSRs) could solve problems faster. To be most efficient, CSRs needed visibility into customer problems before the customer even explained the issue, so the information provided had to be real-time with viewer- and device-level insights.


Conviva monitors and diagnoses at the device level for individual sessions to identify performance issues with streaming content, including ads, quickly and accurately. With this comprehensive, continuous measurement, the publisher received real-time service information and actionable insights for each viewer and customer care agents were empowered with the most relevant viewer data for faster call resolution.

With granular insights into things like bitrate, internet service provider (ISP), and content delivery network (CDN) performance, agents could quickly and easily determine whether issues were the result of poor network performance on the customer side or problems occurring on the delivery or asset side. With these insights and the full visibility into the performance of each stream, customer care agents were able to quickly form an accurate picture of the viewers’ experience before ever asking a single question and resolve calls faster.


In addition to faster call resolution, the benefits of using Conviva were happier customers, which meant less churn. If a customer was continually having problems, the publisher was able to know and exceed expectations by identifying the impacted viewers for proactive nurture campaigns, even before the customer complained, which also results in higher engagement and less churn. And because CSRs could verify the viewer’s experience, the publisher was also able to reduce costs of fraudulent charge backs.


The publisher’s call center had a staff of 50 operators, each with a fully burdened hourly rate of $35. On average, by using Conviva, the time spent answering customer calls decreased by 144 hours per person annually, saving 7,200 hours and more than $250,000 per year. By reducing both the number and duration of customer care calls, total call center operation costs fell by $564,000 in a single year. In addition to reduced, the effect of improved customer care on churn was significant.


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