Customer Story | Transforming Customer Service through Streaming Analytics: A Telecom Success Story

A leading telecommunications company in Portugal harnessed Conviva’s streaming analytics to reduce service calls and improve quality of experience.

An innovative European streaming provider, in its quest to remain competitive, sought to deliver superior quality and operational excellence. To achieve this, they turned to Conviva, whose Streaming Analytics Platform unlocked the door to an improved customer experience.

Company Profile:

    • 7,844 employees
    • $3.3 billion in revenue
    • 41% of national TV service market share

Despite having the engineering expertise, resources, and vision, the company needed a tool to make sense of trillions of data points from millions of users. They sought to utilize their data stream to build a tangible model of audience experience to guide critical decisions.

Knowing that quality of experience was vital for maintaining their position as an OTT leader, the company prioritized quality video delivery. To achieve this, they needed to handle a fragmented ecosystem of end-user devices and complex digital and internet protocol channels.

Integrating Conviva’s Streaming Analytics Platform revolutionized their approach, dramatically reducing service calls and enhancing vital performance metrics. This powerful tool streamlined their complex, trillion-point audience-experience model, distilling it into a singular, impactful key performance metric.

Transforming Data Into Actionable Insights

The technical teams were proficient in handling large datasets but needed a way to convert data into actionable insights. Conviva’s AI-powered technology filled this gap by providing alerts about issues and indicating potential root causes. This empowered operations and engineering teams to address problems promptly, staying ahead of the competition. With real-time, sub-60-second latencies, the company gained a comprehensive snapshot of the total audience experience, enabling them to collect and compare metrics across their diverse end-user-device environment.

These real-time comparisons allowed the company to optimize its service and deliver an unrivaled audience experience, including flawless 4K content delivery to 98% of viewers.

Enhancing Service Quality While Reducing Costs

Conviva used trillions of data points to create a single reference point—the Streaming Performance Index (SPI). This metric helped the company align its technical teams and drive improvements in service and experience quality.

Access to holistic SPI and granular, real-time, census-based analytics significantly improved the Quality of Experience (QoE). The company set the benchmark for OTT performance in their region, delivering the fastest video start times and minimizing adverse events, including rebuffering and exit-before-video-start ratios.

The company achieved a significant reduction in customer calls, enabling leaner service teams and more proactive responses to operational excellence goals. Conviva’s Streaming Analytics Platform and AI-powered insights allowed the company to enhance its service, reduce operational costs, and lead the nation in quality of experience.