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Reduce Time to Login By 85%

Don’t be a bottleneck in your own app. Users will quit your application in seconds if their login experience is slow, complicated, or asks too many questions. Protecting your login flow is a critical component of effective application experience management. If users are unable to login to your app for 3 minutes because of a backend issue, you need to be alerted right away so you can resolve it while users are still in the app.  

Every user lost in login can mean millions lost in advertising and subscriber revenue. Get users to the experiences that matter most as quickly as possible with a streamlined login experience.  

82% of users won’t return to a platform 7 days after a failed login. How are you addressing login authentication issues to keep users from abandoning your service? 

Protect the moment for your users.

Get Users to Content Faster

Conviva enables teams to map every step of their login process to build stateful user experience metrics like Time to Login, Login Success Rate, or Login Technical Failures. These insights help to pinpoint gaps in login process that might trap users and keep them from logging in. Conviva’s AI Alerts can notify teams when there’s a sudden uptick in Login Technical Failures or Time to Login so teams can address the issue before more users are impacted.   

With real-time experience insights, your team can make improvements to your login processes, confidently experiment with new login flows, and instantly measure the impact on your user experience.  Conviva computes stateful metrics like Time to Login, Login Success Rate, and Login Technical Failures to help your team instantly address issues with login experience. 

Success Story

Instantly pinpoint what’s impacting your users—and your business.

A popular baseball streaming publisher was prepping for Game 1 of their series against a key rival when they noticed a sudden uptick in login processing time. They had mapped the key steps in their login process with Conviva’s semantic mapper and created a custom metric to measure login processing time, so they could measure any issue with login processing impacting their users.   

With the game fast approaching, the team knew they needed to act fast. Using Conviva’s Instant Filtering, they drilled down to the impacted viewers, zooming into the specific devices and operating systems experiencing the issue.

From there, a team member noticed that a 3rd party authentication service was reporting abnormally high network request times. Since the streamer didn’t have access to any 3rd party data, it would have been nearly impossible to detect that root cause with traditional observability tools. The team would have had to scroll through endless authentication logs to even notice that authentication was taking longer than usual. And it would have taken days to understand why.  

Digging deeper into that authentication service experiencing the issues, the team found the specific broken URL request causing the increase in login processing time. Luckily, the baseball streamer was able to quickly solve their issue and fans didn’t miss a minute of the game.

In just 4 clicks, the sports publisher was able to identify the issue, drill into impacted devices, and diagnose the root cause from a 3rd party authentication service.

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