When Every Second Counts, “Event Control Live™” Delivers the Optimal Web Viewing Experience

SAN MATEO, CA., March 16, 2011 – Conviva, Inc. today announced Event Control Live™, a flexible solution set designed explicitly for the business, technology, scale and performance needs of entertainers, sports leagues and content companies that stream live events to large audiences and demand a flawless, personalized HD experience for each viewer.

Event Control Live™ is a full-featured solution set that puts rights holders in control of all the factors that could disrupt a perfect event.  Event Control Live™ provides:

  • A real-time view into each viewer’s individual experience without sampling and without latency.
  • A real-time alert system that identifies the second a problem in the video delivery path is going to impact a viewer.
  • Pre-emptive action that protects viewers from factors that result in re-buffering, disconnects or streaming interruptions by switching to an alternate stream seamlessly.
  • A personalized HD control service that increases the percent of audience that sustains high bit-rate and high-resolution picture quality.

Whether it’s a flash crowd, a viewer’s internet connection, a CDN outage, a problematic video player bug or an encoder that needs a reboot, Event Control Live™ provides customers the ability to anticipate and isolate the problem instantaneously while moving viewers to alternative streams to avoid an interruption in their experience.  With Event Control Live™, customers prevent such problems from impacting the audience, sponsors, business partners and the broadcaster’s brand. Protection starts well before the live event commences and extends far beyond its conclusion to include its availability through video on demand.

“Event Control Live™ is the only way to ensure success of an event from the perspective of the audience watching it in real-time,” said Conviva CEO Darren Feher. “When your event, brand and customers are on the line, every second counts. Our Event Control Live™ solution allows our customers to pull off perfection every time, protecting their brand, their audience and ultimately ensuring a personalized HD viewing experience.”

Event Control Live™ brings together three specific services offered by Conviva creating a unique solution that directly targets the needs of live event streaming. Conviva Insightsmonitors the experience of each viewer, as well as the audience as a whole.  Every second, Conviva Insights quantitatively determines the impact of poor video quality on viewer engagement.  Conviva Distribution Management Service (DMS) and Conviva Experience Management Service (EMS) then synthesize the telemetry from all viewers to accurately predict the causes of poor video quality and preemptively use mid-stream source and adaptive bit-rate switching to ensure both the best picture quality and an uninterrupted viewing experience.

Today, many of the premier sports content leaders, such as ESPN3, Turner Sports, and Major League Baseball, leverage Event Control Live to enable high-quality, broad-scale delivery of a personalized HD viewing experience online. In addition, live event streaming experts at AEG Digital Media have also leveraged the intelligence of Conviva’s streaming technology to deliver the best possible user experience during more than 20 high-profile live events in the last 3 months. The combination of AEG Digital Media’s live event management expertise with the intelligence of Conviva’s streaming technology ensures an HD, buffer and stutter-free experience for millions of viewers tuning into these events around the world.

“Event Control Live™ is the first in an ongoing series of packages Conviva will unveil that are specifically designed to meet the ambitious and ever-evolving needs of online video industry segments, each with a differing business goal in mind,” Feher added.

About Conviva
Conviva provides entertainers, sports leagues, broadcasters and other content rights holders all the control room expertise and tools need to optimize live streams for events in sports, news, concerts and conferences, providing a personalized HD viewing experience for each and every consumer. Specifically, Event Control Live™ ensures top-quality video viewing by 
automating in real-time dynamic bit rate adjustment, the management of multiple CDNs, and operation of media players, encoders, etc.  The result enables these executive producers to maximize the performance and minimize the cost of their large-scale, live-streamed video events. For more information on Conviva and its household name clients, please visit www.conviva.com.