Conviva’s suite of products addresses the growing need for OTT experience management across publishers, broadcasters and operators.

Foster City, CA—November 12, 2015—Conviva, the leader in Over the Top (OTT) video experience optimization for the world’s top media companies, today released ABI Research’s latest white paper, Analytics in Video Services, which explores the transition from siloed and well-defined video systems to services which collect and normalize data from a variety of content providers without having to actively manage the video content. This white paper discusses these unique challenges and addresses how analytics can help solve, what Conviva terms, ‘experience management.’

“Experience Management is the future of television,” said Hui Zhang, CEO of Conviva. “By observing changes in experience metrics in real-time, we can identify a correctable problem that is affecting engagement and deliver a positive, measurable outcome.”

“Video Professionals today are struggling to adapt to new business models and must use data analytics to manage and grow their services,” said Sam Rosen, Vice President, Consumer at ABI Research. “Leveraging a single, unified dataset for the needs of different functions in an organization—and opening up the avenues for data sharing between affiliates jointly responsible for a video service—can help align everyone on a common definition of success.”

Key facets of the white paper include:

The traditional video delivery market consists of individual silos for content delivery. Moving forward, data from these content silos will need to be aggregated and normalized due to affiliate and revenue sharing.

Lines of ownership for content and data can become blurred. This convergence can be both beneficial and detrimental for analytics platforms.

The correlation between real-time metrics and available user data. Understanding exactly how users are affected by problems paints a more complete and useful picture of a service.

Conviva’s products address the needs of experience syndication and the associated experience management needs. Automating the system to be self-healing—even self-optimizing—is the logical and necessary next step to content, data, and experience aggregation.

Quality of experience is a top priority for service providers who are competing for every last subscriber. Creating a similar, yet better, viewing experience to linear TV is the ultimate goal, and having a unified analytics platform which enables actionable experience management is a necessity to surpass traditional linear TV. To download the full report, visit


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