Forrester: Cost Saving and Business Benefits Enabled by Conviva

Prior to using Conviva, customers heavily relied on CDN providers to report service quality metrics. However, those metrics were limited, and analysts found it difficult or impossible to clearly define service problems. The interviewed customers used surveys, focus groups, and call center interactions and, in some cases, monitored social media to assess users’ experiences. Upon investing in Conviva, analysts and managers receive real-time service information for each viewer. Key results from the investment include reduced costs across an organization, from analysts and developers to customer care. Customers’ quality of experience (QoE) also improves while customer churn decreases.

The customer interviews and financial analysis found that a composite organization experiences benefits of nearly $3.6M over three years versus costs of approximately $817K adding up to a net present value of more than $2.8M and an ROI of 340%.